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2)  Typical bedrooms with lighting, HVAC registers and
returns, built-in equipment, doors, windows, and an outline of
equipment and furniture not part of the construction contract (such
as refrigerators, beds, wardrobes, etc.).
3)  Kitchen areas showing cabinetry, equipment outlines,
electrical outlets and switches at proper heights, fire
extinguishers, alarm bells/horns and HVAC equipment and
Closets showing shelving, wall hooks, etc.
Other millwork elevations and sections.
6)  Stairs with dimensioned railings, treads, risers,
nosings and framing.
Sections and Details for:
1)  Roof eaves, parapets, overhangs, penetrations,
scuppers, coping covers, gravel stops, crickets, etc.
Flashing, drip moldings, weepholes, vents, etc.
3)  Door and window head, jamb and sill details.  Also,
details for astragals, weatherstripping, thresholds, floor level
changes, etc.
4)  Toilet partitions, shower pans, floor and roof drains,
and waterproofing.
Expansion joints and crack control joints.
6)  Fire wall and floor penetrations (per UL Building
Materials Directory).
7)  Mounting, type and size of fire extinguishers and
cabinets.  (See the chapter titled "Facilities Protection Design" and
consult NORTHDIV for further information.)
8)  Stair and balcony railings and mounting brackets,
bracing, protective railings and bumpers.
Cabinetry and millwork.
10) Signage.
Schedules for:
1)  Signage showing frame, mounting, letter style and
height, finish, color, text and location information.
2)  Medical, food service and lab equipment and casework
with descriptions, logistic responsibility (i.e., GF/CI, CF/CI,
GF/GI, etc.), spec section referemces, utility/waste/vent line
requirements, type and size, and electrical data.
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