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Custom Search  Drawings:  Submit the following drawings developed to the
completion indicated:
a)  Drawings required for the Design Development Submission
(100% complete).
Sections and Details for (60% complete):
1)  Major connections, i.e., for moments, heavy shear
loads, diaphragm to shear wall, trusses, splices, structural steel
tubing, and connections to existing structural members/elements.
Direct tension indicator tightening shall be the only acceptable
tightening method for installing high strength bolts.  Use load
indicator washers.  Show requirements for camber.
2)  Standard connections or schedule references for
forces, fasteners, welds, plates, clips, ties, stirrups, pins, etc.
Special connections.
4)  Concrete/masonry wall reinforcement showing size,
clearances, placement, shape, etc.
5)  Lintel details or schedule references for loads,
sizes, materials, arrangement, etc.
6)  Anchor bolts, base plates, bearing plates, or schedule
reference for materials, size, thickness, welds, embedments, threaded
parts, projections, etc.
7)  Diaphragm deck type, gauge, yield strength, minimum
number of spans or length, fastener type and pattern.
Schedules for (60% complete):
1)  Columns, beams, lintels, joists, trusses, frames,
piles, caissons, footings, pile/caisson caps, grade beams, slabs,
2)  Calculated column loads, beam shear/reaction and
moments, footing pressures, pile/caisson capacities/loads (vertical
and horizontal), etc.
Special instructions, materials, processes, etc.
Other drawings for (60% complete):
1)  Layout of structural systems for special fabrications
and construction such as space trusses/frames, long span trusses,
vierendeel trusses, shells, towers, fabric structures, etc.
Temporary structures to be removed.
3)  Weight handling equipment such as cranes, monorails,
hoists and lifts and warehouse equipment.
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