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The Mechanical portion of the design shall be prepared in a thorough,
logical manner which follows the normal construction sequence.  This
chapter covers specific technical requirements for typical Mechanical
design submissions.  Not all requirements will be applicable to all
projects.  In addition, this chapter deals only with technical
requirements applicable to those facilities most commonly procured by
NORTHDIV.  When appropriate, additional Mechanical design
requirements for special or unique projects, such as major mechanical
utility projects or heating plants, will be separately addressed by
NORTHDIV in the Appendix "A" and subsequent A/E briefings.
General information on format and preparation of drawings,
specifications, cost estimates and design analysis are covered in
other chapters of the A/E Guide.  Refer to the Appendix "A" to
determine which design submissions are required for the project and
their respective due dates.
Related Requirements
Site Investigation
The site of new work and adjacent sites, if necessary, shall be
surveyed to determine the locations and size of all related
mechanical equipment, utilities, ductwork and piping.  Included in
this survey is completion of utility data sheets indicating proposed
points of connection, and, when specified, an asbestos
samples/analysis, removal and disposal report.  Drawings shall be
prepared to show the removal or retainage of all existing related
mechanical construction as detailed herein.  Potential interferences
shall be shown.  See the chapter titled "Site Investigation Services"
for more detailed requirements.
Facilities Protection
Additional detailed requirements for mechanically related fire
protection, including fire protection water requirements, sprinkler
systems, duct smoke detectors, carbon dioxide and halon systems,
kitchen hood protection, smoke ventilation, smoke control systems and
fire pumps are given in the chapter titled "Facilities Protection."
General Mechanical Design Requirements
Since 1979, all designs for new buildings are required to comply with
assigned annual energy budgets for comfort of the occupants.  The
applicable energy budget is specified in the Appendix "A".  Energy
budgets are based on building use and location.  Process energy to be
used is to be calculated but, it is not included in the energy budget
These energy budgets are achievable when sound effective design
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