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Design Development Submission  Drawings:  Submit the following drawings developed to the
approximate percentage or level completion indicated:
NOTE:  On small or uncomplicated projects, one or more plans may be
combined onto the same sheet, but never so that the plans will be
crowded or information unintelligible.
a)  Existing Site and Removal Plan (90% complete) (may be
combined with Civil Existing Site and Removal Plan for small,
uncomplicated projects):
1)  Show all existing site information such as buildings,
pavements and utilities which interface with the removal of
mechanical work.  Indicate the point of disconnection for exterior
mechanical services when facilities are to be removed.
2)  Show all mechanical removals cross referenced to a
legend.  (Removed features should not be shown on subsequent
drawings.  Show interior mechanical removals on a separate plan.)
b)  Mechanical Removal Plans (90% complete):  Show the complete
extent of all related existing mechanical construction and removals.
c)  Mechanical Site Plan (90% complete) (may be combined with
Civil Utility Plan for small, uncomplicated projects):  Show the
locations and sizes of all new and remaining above ground and
underground mechanical equipment, including piping (chilled/hot
water, condenser water, plumbing/sanitary, steam, compressed air,
gas, etc.), ducts, manholes and points of connection.  For exterior
underground steam systems, show direct burial steam and condensate
lines in separate conduits.  Also, show the location of expansion
loops, drawn roughly to scale but not dimensioned, and the location
of anchors as required so that contractors do not place expansion
joints in manholes.  No bellows joints on hazardous substances like
steam shall be placed in a tunnel or manhole where a leak can cost
d)  Mechanical Floor Plan(s):  Show the type, size and location
of mechanical equipment.  All mechanical equipment shall be installed
with future maintenance needs, such as accessibility and future
replacement of equipment, satisfied in the design.  Show the main
elements of all systems.  Show double line routings for ductwork with
inside dimensions.  Do not insulate ductwork with insulation
containing fiberglass on the inside of ducts.  Show thickness and
type of insulation on the drawings.  Single line routings are
acceptable for piping up to 4" and for control schematics.  Show all
required fire and smoke dampers.  Show duct smoke detectors and fire
dampers.  Show CO2 banks with the areas protected and storage areas
for cylinders.  Split systems shall be completely shown.
e)  Plumbing Plan(s):  Show plumbing fixture types and
locations.  Show water supply, waste and vent line routings and
sizes.  Show water heater location, type and size.  Show sprinkler
riser and areas to be protected by automatic extinguishing systems
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