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Piping schematics.
Power supply and power requirements.
Type and materials for pipe, tank, and
(7)  Siting considerations - separation
distances, environmental codes, safeguards and permitting
(Coordinate with "Environmental Permit Requirements Investigation,
Report, Permit Applications and Consolidated Compliance Assessment
Report" required by Chapter 15 titled "Site Investigation Services".)
Plumbing Systems:
(a)  Determination of number of each type of toilet
fixture in accordance with NSPC.  The number of lavatories is not
less than half the number of toilet fixtures including urinals.
Materials for water pipe, soil pipe, stacks,
(c)  Estimated number of fixture units and water
demand in gpm for all plumbing fixtures.
(d)  Estimated maximum and minimum water pressure at
each building and at the fixture.
(e)  Type and size of domestic water heater.  Also,
attach a statement as to whether heat pump or compressor heat
recovery is contemplated for domestic water heating.
b)  Calculations (85% complete) as follows:  The calculations
shall include design sketches, equipment selection parameters and
procedures and related information.  The booklet shall be
approximately arranged in the following order:
Cover Sheet.
3)  Summary of Criteria:  Cite criteria from which
calculations, rationale, and formulae are extracted by publication
number, title and page number.
Heating and Air Conditioning Calculations:
(a)  Calculations indicating the annual energy
consumption in BTUs per gross square foot per year as compared to the
Energy Budget.  Provide specific reasons for any excess energy
consumption and adequate design data to support the reasons.
(b)  Heat loss manual calculations (winter system),
including thermal conductance or resistance values and overall "U"
values for all building materials.  Include a breakdown for all heat
resistance materials including air spaces and film conductances.
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