Quantcast Design Analysis -Cont. - aeg_nd0216

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(c)  Heat gain manual calculations (summer system),
including psychrometrics chart analysis and heat loads and air
distribution by room, by floor and by building.
(d)  Heat gain computerized calculations (required
for buildings over 8,000 SF which are air conditioned).
Heating and cooling system sketches:
(1)  Ductwork schematics (reflect calcs. below)
showing duct layouts, duct takeoffs, and close duct connection fits.
(2)  Piping schematics (reflect calcs. below)
showing piping layouts and control schematics.
Duct Calculations showing:
Size, CFM, FPM, weights (for support).
Diffuser/Register size (neck), velocity,
(3)  Individual duct friction calculations and
system losses.  Identify method used (equal duct branch total
friction, static regain, constant velocity).  Include calculations
for all transitions, elbows, take-offs, dampers, fittings and
accessories and fan characteristic curves (generic) according to
different operating conditions.
Blower selections, system curves.
Pipe Calculations showing:
(1)  Hydraulic and fluid flow calculations for
all piping and distribution systems.  Show flow required for load or
(2)  Pipe sizing calculations, expansion
devices, anchor and guide loads and design.  Show pipe flow
resistance and FPM in each section for distribution systems.  Pump
sizing shall be based on flow head and NPSH considerations.
Plumbing Calculations:
(a)  Determine hot water requirements per DM-3.01,
"Plumbing Systems", and sizing of hot water and cold water piping and
drain piping per the National Standard Plumbing Code.  Calculate
plumbing fixture units, flow requirements, demand factors, storage
factors and drainage rates.  Use 4" vents minimum through the roof.
(b)  Show flow and pressure limitations in chart form
with accompanying sketch.
(c)  Show available pressure at each floor.
(Coordinate with hydrant flow data obtained during site investigation
for determining available water pressure and flow.  See Utility Data
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