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rods, smoke and fire dampers.
4)  Piping Sections, Details and Schematics, including
piping for split systems.  Show piping to scale where interferences
will effect pipe runs, especially in equipment rooms.
5)  Equipment and piping mounting/support details,
including seismic requirements (also, see the chapter titled
"Structural Design".)
Submit the following:
Supplement the basis of design discussions as necessary and revise
the calculations, if required, to reflect resolution of previous
government review comments.  Calculations shall be 90% complete.
Final Submission  Drawings:  Submit 100% complete drawings for all portions
of the mechanical design, revised, if required, to reflect resolution
of previous government review comments.  Provide prints showing what
was changed since the last submittal.  Specifications:  Submit 100% complete technical
specifications, properly edited, to reflect mechanical design
requirements.  (See the chapter titled "Preparation of
Specifications" for format for specifications).  General and specific
guidance on specifications is as follows:
a)  Naval Facilities Engineering Command Guide Specifications
(NFGSs) are all inclusive and must be properly edited to delete items
which do not pertain to the project.  Unique items not covered in the
NFGSs must be added.  In the absence of a suitable NFGS, the A/E
shall provide an appropriate non-proprietary technical section
properly edited for the project.
b)  Names of items used in the specifications must be identical
with the names used on the drawings.
Proprietary items may not be named.
d)  Give the construction contractor as many choices of material
as possible consistent with design requirements.  Define sizes on
drawings and materials in the specifications.
e)  Review referenced publications to confirm that the type,
size, and class designations used in the NFGS are the same as are
used in the applicable reference publications, especially referenced
publications which have been updated since the NFGSs were issued.
f)  Provide specifications for pneumatic, electronic and
electrical control systems or any combination thereof.  Provide a
separate specification section for DDC Systems (do not combine with
the control system specification).
g)  When indicated in the Appendix "A", include system start-up
and test procedures, including acceptance checks, for all mechanical
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