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The Electrical portion of the design shall be prepared in a thorough, logical
manner which follows the normal construction sequence.  This chapter covers
specific technical requirements for typical Electrical design submissions.
Not all requirements will be applicable to all projects.  In addition, this
chapter deals only with technical requirements applicable to those facilities
most commonly procured by NORTHDIV.  When appropriate, additional Electrical
design requirements for special or unique projects, such as major electrical
utility projects, will be separately addressed by NORTHDIV in the Appendix "A"
and subsequent A/E briefings.
General information on format and preparation of drawings, specifications,
cost estimates and design analysis are covered in other chapters of the A/E
Guide.  Refer to the Appendix "A" to determine which design submissions are
required for the project and their respective due dates.
Related Requirements
Site Investigation
Detailed requirements for electrically related site investigation services,
including an existing conditions survey and utility data sheets establishing
points of connection, when applicable, are detailed in the chapter titled
"Site Investigation Services".
Facilities Protection
Additional detailed requirements for fire protection and non-electronic
physical security measures are given in the chapter titled "Facilities
Protection."  Requirements for electronic security measures (eg., IDS, CCTV,
Shielding for RFI, TEMPEST, HEMP, etc.) are covered in this chapter.
General Electrical Design Requirements
General Drawing Requirements and Nomenclature
NOTE:  Many of the general drawing requirements and nomenclature items listed
below are also discussed in the chapter titled "Preparation of Drawings".
They have been repeated here to emphasize their importance.
a)  Indicate all required work (new and removals) on the drawings.  All
work must be shown in sufficient detail to allow construction contractors to
bid the project without visiting the site.  Show the complete extent of all
electrical removals.  For more information, see the chapter titled "Site
Investigation Services".
b)  Do not indicate that the "electrical" contractor is to perform
certain work on the drawings.  Reference should only be made to the
"contractor".  The government recognizes only the general contractor, not his
c)  Do not use proprietary names on the drawings. Instead, provide
generic descriptions. (eg., Use "exothermic welding process" in lieu of
"Thermite" or "Cadweld".)  Proprietary names are acceptable when identifying
the make, model and manufacturer of existing equipment.
Definitions of certain words are as follows:
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