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encased where conduit shall be PVC with a ground conductor.
boxes shall be aluminum.
b)  Conductors shall be multi-conductor and copper only.  Seven
conductor (two per phase-opposite and center neutral) is recommended.
400 HERTZ circuits shall not be enclosed with 60 HERTZ circuits.
d)  The Design Guide for Avionics Shop Power Distribution is NAVAIR 01-
1A-512, 15 August 1975.
e)  Provide adequate noise attenuation for rooms (ceilings, walls and
floors) housing M/G sets.
Interior Electrical Work
a)  Provide GFI protected receptacles in all lavatory areas and exterior
b)  DM-28.4, "General Maintenance Facilities", page 36, requires the
interlocking of exhaust fans and battery chargers.
c)  Recent technology advances in highly accurate, low cost, clock
movements and long life batteries have made self-contained direct current (DC)
battery powered clocks the best choice for the vast majority of Navy shore
facilities.  Battery powered wall clocks are available through the General
Services Administration (GSA) supply systems, along with replacement
Accordingly, it is NAVFAC policy to install battery powered clocks in lieu of
AC electrical clock receptacles, eliminating the requirement for permanently
wired, specialized clock receptacles, wiring and conduit systems.  Central AC
clocks, if required for selected customers, may be used where needed but these
should be the exceptions rather than the standard facility design.
20.3.7  Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Closed Circuit Television
Systems (CCTV)
Electronic security equipment such as IDS and CCTV are not normally funded as
part of the construction contract for a project and are therefore not normally
designed by the A/E.  Usually, however, the A/E shall be responsible for
designing and including in the construction contract documents facility
support items for IDS and CCTV, such as utilities, inside empty conduit runs,
equipment space and fencing.  When applicable, NORTHDIV will provide further
guidance and criteria for designing facility support items for IDS and CCTV.
a)  Lighting levels shall be in accordance with MIL-HDBK-1190, "Facility
Planning and Design Guide", Chapter 9.  For room types not listed refer to the
IES Handbook but in no case shall the lighting level exceed 75 FC, regardless
of the criteria given in the IES book.
b)  Hospital and clinic lighting shall be in accordance with DM-33.03,
"Medical Clinics and Dental Clinics - Design and Construction Criteria".
c)  Security lighting levels shall be in accordance with DM-13.1,
"Design Guidelines for Physical Security of Fixed Land-Based Facilities".
Street lighting levels shall be per the IES Handbook.
In general, incandescent lighting shall not be used.
Designs shall
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