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based on conductors having (FILL IN TYPE) insulation.  Should the contractor
utilize other approved types of insulation, the contractor shall have the
responsibility to increase the conduit size accordingly at no additional cost
to the government."
(c)  Provide a note as follows:  "Provide grounding type
locknut in motor terminal box for terminating grounding conductor."
(d)  The class, division and group of all hazardous areas.
Indicate boundaries of hazardous areas.
Derating factors for 60 HZ equipment used on 400 HZ
Maintenance bypass switch for UPS equipment.
6)  Communications Plan(s):  Add/Show:  Telecommunications system
support facilities including terminal blocks, wire closets and terminal boxes,
runs and sizes of inside empty conduit with pull wires, outlets, raceways,
wireways, supports and mounting backboards.
One-line diagram for Power:
(a)  Secondary feeders including type and size of
conductors, type of insulation, and type and size of conduits and ground wire.
(b)  All panels, switchboards, motor control centers,
transformers and other major electrical equipment.  Show the connected voltage
system, the rated ampere load, copper bus, the type and size of motor
controls, the equipment served and the available fault current.
(c)  Emergency generators including rated KVA, connected
voltage, systems and equipment served and transfer equipment.
Maintenance by-pass switch for UPS equipment.
Riser Diagrams (60% complete)
Lighting Fixture Schedule and Details (90% complete)
Symbols List (100% complete)
b)  Lightning Protection Plan (60% complete):  Indicate air terminal
locations, size of roof top conductors, size of buried ground loop, ground rod
locations, etc.
Exterior Electrical Details (60% complete):
Provide details for:
1)  Concrete encased underground ducts indicating size of ducts,
thickness of encasement, thickness of concrete between various ducts and
burial depth.
2)  New manholes and handholes (see NFGS-16375, "Underground
Electrical Work").
3)  Transformer pad and ground loop around pad.  (Liquid filled
transformers shall have liquid containment pits around pad filled with crushed
4)  New poles and modified poles.  Indicate the type of existing
high voltage conductors the contractor is to splice/tap into.
Fencing (if required) around exterior electrical installations
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