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indicating the method of grounding.  Provide braided copper strap between gate
and stationary fence.  Fence shall be per OPNAVINST 5530.14A, "Standard
Security Fence for Restricted Areas", as follows:
"Provide a "standard" security fence, eight feet (2.4 meters) high.
Include a 9 gauge (0.148") fabric, mounted seven feet (2.1 meters) high
with mesh openings not larger than two inches.  Provide a top guard of
three strands of 12 gauge (2.7MM) barbed wire equally spaced.  The top
guard shall be 18 inches (0.45 meters) mounted at a 45 degree angle
Master box pedestal for fire alarm system.
d)  Panel Board, Motor Control Centers and Switchgear Schedules (60%
complete):  Indicate designation, location, surface or flush mounted, phase,
number of wires, hertz, voltage and interrupting capacity, ampacity of main
breaker or lugs, copper buses specified, branch circuit number, breaker rating
in amperes, poles, volt-ampere load with description, total connected load in
KVA, frame and class ratings, neutral and equipment ground buses, etc.
Indicate the manufacturer (and catalog number, if known) of existing
panelboards and switchboards which are to be modified or which are to receive
added circuit breakers/fused switches.  See Attachment 20A to this chapter for
an example of a Panelboard Schedule used by NORTHDIV.
e)  Other drawings as required (60% complete).
Include grounding detail
for UPS/Generator/Main Service.  Design Analysis:  Submit the following:  Supplement the basis of
design discussions as necessary and revise the previously prepared
calculations, if required, to reflect resolution of government review
comments.  Submit/resubmit the following calculations developed to the
percentage completion indicated:
a)  Capacity and Load Calculations (90% complete):
As required for the
Design Development Submission.
b)  Lighting Calculations (100% complete):
As required for the Design
Development Submission.
c)  Generator Sizing Calculations (60% complete):
Provide when a
generator is included in the project.
Final Submission  Drawings:  Submit 100% complete drawings for all portions of the
electrical design as listed above, revised, if required, to reflect resolution
of previous government review comments.  Specifications:  Submit 100% complete technical specifications,
properly edited, to reflect electrical design requirements.  (See the chapter
titled "Preparation of Specifications" for format for specifications).
General and specific guidance on specifications is as follows:
a)  Naval Facilities Engineering Command Guide Specifications (NFGSs)
are all inclusive and must be properly edited to delete items which do not
pertain to the project.  Unique items not covered in the NFGSs must be added.
In the absence of a suitable NFGS, the A/E shall provide an appropriate non-
proprietary technical section properly edited for the project.
b)  Names of items used in the specifications must be identical with the
names used on the drawings.
Proprietary items may not be named.
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