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prepared by the government.  The A/E prepared Hazards Resolution Report shall
determine the applicable requirements of the PHA and indicate how they are
addressed in the design of the project or, if not, why not.  All system safety
items identified in the PHA which can be resolved by this stage of the design
shall be addressed in the report.  In addition, and only when specifically
indicated in the Appendix "A", submit an additional Hazards Analyses Report
which identifies all project hazards and means of mitigation.  Specific format
and content requirements for these reports will be provided by the government
at the start of design.
3)  Physical Security and Loss Prevention:  When specifically
indicated in the Appendix "A", submit, in narrative form, a report which
addresses the physical security and loss prevention measures incorporated in
the design.  The report shall address the following:
(a)  The types of secure areas involved in the project (eg.,
vaults, armories, etc.)  (Consult with ACTIVITY to determine.)
(b)  The level of security required (eg., negotiable
instruments, drugs, confidential, secret or top secret information, Secure
Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), etc.)  (Consult with ACTIVITY to
(c)  A narrative of how the physical security and loss
prevention criteria provided by the government has been incorporated in the
design.  (NOTE:  In addition to the criteria listed in the Appendix "A",
NORTHDIV will provide pertinent parts of OPNAVINST 5530.14B, "Physical
Security and Loss Prevention", to assist the A/E in designing various aspects
of physical security, such as fencing, vault doors, armories, etc.  Such
information will be provided to the A/E at the Orientation Meeting or
otherwise prior to the start of design.)
4)  Industrial Hygiene:  When specifically indicated in the
Appendix "A", submit, in narrative form, a report which addresses the health
hazards involved in the project.  The report shall include the following:
Statement of each health problem or deficiency.
Requirements of the applicable standard (eg., OSHA).
(c)  Method of solving each problem or correcting each
deficiency.  Include references to standards used in the problem solution
(eg., "Industrial Ventilation, a Manual of Recommended Practice", as published
by the American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists).
NOTE:  Reports for abatement (removal and disposal) of asbestos and/or lead
paint or contamination, shall be included with the sampling and analysis
investigation program as detailed in the Chapter titled "Site Investigation
Services".  A separate industrial hygiene report for these health hazards is
not required as part of the basis of design for facilities protection.
Calculations as follows (100% complete):
Calculations required as part of the Fire Protection Design
Occupant Load Calculations for Life Safety (Means of
Egress) requirements.
Water Supply Calculations.
Foam System Calculations.
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