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Sprinkler Systems,
1. If sprinkler protection is required on a project, the A-E must conduct
water flow tests at the proposed site and include pertinent test data in the
35% design package.  Water supply test data shall not be provided by the
Government. The A-E is also responsible to determine if the water supply
available is adequate to meet sprinkler and hose stream demands.  If these
demands cannot be met, the A-E must provide proper solutions to the problem
(i.e., fire pump(s) and/or water storage tank(s)). It is imperative that
possible problems and solutions be identified as early as possible. See
MIL-HDBK 1OO8A for required water supply data.
a. Regardless of whether sprinkler system is to be designed by
hydraulic calculations or pipe schedule, water supply must be verified as
adequate.  Hydraulic calculations shall be used for design of all systems
covering greater than 3,000 square feet.
2. Anchor rods shall be provided at the base of each sprinkler riser per
figure A-2-9.1 of NFPA No. 13 and figure A-8-6.2(1) of NFPA No. 24. Show
these rods on riser details on contract drawings.
3. Do not use or specify "on-off" intermittent sprinkler heads without
prior approval from Code 4042.
4. Sprinkler heads below a combustible pier or wharf shall be pendent
heads installed in the upright position, or "old style" heads. Specify
5. Sprinkler protection for all areas must be included under the
sprinkler specification section. Do not specify sprinklers under separate
sections for special areas such as trash chutes, paint spray booths, etc.
6. Interior sprinkler piping layout shall be done by the contractor based
on a performance specification. Contract drawings shall show underground feed
main and sprinkler risers, but not interior sprinkler heads and piping.
7. Sprinkler risers must be controlled by Indicating Valves. Where
feasible, use post indicating valves (PIVs). Otherwise, use wall indicating
values or OS+Y values.  When space permits, locate PIVs at least 40 ft from
building, as required by NFPA 24.
8. Where sprinklers are located in high value or high voltage electronics
areas, electronics power must automatically shut down upon sprinkler head
waterflow. Coordinate between mechanical and electrical sections.
9. Underground sprinkler feed mains shall be no smaller than 6" size.
Depth of bury shall be as per figure A-8-1.1 of NFPA 24.
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