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The following fire protection design checklist was prepared to assist
designers in the preparation of facility designs which comply with all
applicable fire protection requirements. Use of this checklist during all
phases of the design process will help the designer avoid many of the mistakes
commonly found in designs, as they relate to fire protection. Use of this
checklist is strongly encouraged, although it's use does not relieve the
designer of professional responsibility to provide a proper design. It is
impossible for any checklist to cover every aspect of every design.
The designer is required to submit a Fire Protection Design Analysis for
review by Code 4042. Although this checklist is not a substitute for a
narrative design analysis, each of the twelve major categories in the
checklist should be addressed in the analysis. Submission of a completed
checklist with the design review package will help speed review of the design,
and facilitate the timely completion of a project.
The following abbreviations apply to referenced criteria:
DOD 4270.1-M - DOD 4270.1-M, Construction Criteria, Dec 1983.
HDBK-1008 - MIL-HDBK-1008A, Fire Protection for Facilities Engineering,
Designs and Construction, 30 March 1988
NFPA - National Fire Protection Association (latest editions)
NDIV-4042 - NORTHNAVFACENGCOM Code 4042 Section Policies
UBC - Uniform Building Code (Latest edition)
NFGS - NAVFAC Guide Specification
ENCL (2)


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