Quantcast Building Separation/Exposure Protection

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Is building considered windowless?
HDBK-1008A, Paras
If so, are sprinklers provided?
& 6.1.3(g)
Is roof covering or deck assembly allowed?
HDBK-1008A, Sec. 2.8
Are smoke and heat vents needed?
HDBK-1008A, Para. 2.11.3
Is access provided for firefighting within
HDBK-1008A, Sec. 2.10
Is access provided for fire vehicles around
(See local fire Dept.
having jurisdiction)
Is interior finish material in compliance
HDBK-1008A, Sec. 2.6
(walls, ceilings)? Is restriction against
plastics complied with?
Is floor carpet properly specified?
HDBK-1008A, Sec.
Is insulation properly specified?
HDBK-1008A, Sec. 2.7
Does insulation in concealed spaces of sprink-
NFPA 13, Para.
lered building have a flame spread of 25 or less
and a smoke developed rating of 50 or less?
For the building in question and adjacent
UBC, Secs. 505 and 506,
building(s) is the combined floor area
Table 5-C
in excess of that allowed?
If the answer above is yes, buildings must be
HDBK-1008A, Sec. 2.3
separated by distance. If the buildings
cannot be separated by distance, fire
resistive walls must be provided on
exposure side(s).
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