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This chapter describes requirements for specific A/E tasks in support of
design services.  These tasks may be typical of all projects or may only be
required for certain types of projects or for projects requiring the execution
of certain tasks due to funding or scope.  Only those services specifically
indicated in the Appendix "A" form a part of the A/E's contract.  The Appendix
"A" will also indicate the schedule and distribution requirements for these
Architectural Programming
General Goal
The goal of architectural programming is to define project requirements in
order to arrive at an achievable project statement.  Through a variety of
techniques, the programming effort analyzes and synthesizes project
requirements based on customer input, criteria requirements, site
considerations and budget constraints.  The level of effort required to
develop an appropriate architectural program will vary depending upon the
information available, complexity of the project and/or design schedule
constraints.  Accordingly, the level of architectural programming required
will be indicated in the Appendix "A" and the A/E effort required for such
shall be as defined herein.
Level "A"
A Level "A" Architectural Programming effort involves intensive on-site
project definition and schematic development through a total team effort
involving the A/E, customer, and NORTHDIV.  The object is to reach team
consensus on project requirements and schematic development through a forum of
open, concentrated and coordinated communication while providing the most
efficient use of limited resources and reducing rework.  A Level "A"
Architectural Programming effort will be required for MCON funded projects
involving a Project Engineering Phase (PE) Submission.  This effort will
entail three steps:
On-Site Project Analysis.
On-Site Schematic Development.
PE Phase Submission (Final Schematic).
The Appendix "A" will indicate the schedule and duration for each step and the
distribution requirements for the PE Phase submission.  (NOTE:  To meet
completion schedules for MCON projects, the time allotted for the On-Site
Project Analysis and On-Site Schematic Development steps may be compressed
into one step called a "Squatter's Session".  Refer to the Appendix "A".)
Specific goals, tasks, requirements and responsibilities for each step are as
a)  On-Site Project Analysis:  The goal of the project analysis step is
to define the project within a cooperative team forum involving the customer
(ACTIVITY), A/E and NORTHDIV at the site.  Project analysis is an organized
process of inquiry which establishes project goals, collects and analyzes
facts, uncovers and tests concepts, determines needs and states the problem
(defines the project).  The process of project analysis considers function,
form, economy and time and emphasizes objective decision making while
encouraging team member interaction.  The benefits of this approach include a
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