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B. Descriptive Data:  A project description concisely stating the
project requirements, type of of materials, Cost target and other pertinent
technical information shall be included. This data shall be kept to a
maximum of two typewritten sheets inserted into the first transparent
window sleeve back-to-back. This part of the submittal must be
carefully and thoughtfully prepared. Describe briefly the design
problems, the approach to the problem, the design solution, and how the
solution satisfied the program elements (i.e., function, siting,
compatibility with existing environment, appropriateness of construction
methods, rationale for orientation, site use, pedestrian and vehicular
circulation and landscaping approach). Also describe those design
elements included to make the facility accessible to the handicapped.
Include data to judge the energy merits of the project. Projects which
involve landscaping or interior design should also address energy
efficiency if it is a factor in the design.  Energy conservation
description should include all applicable information such as building
orientation and siting solar shading, thermal behavior (i.e., U factors,
glazing, building mass, reflectance, etc.), heating, cooling and
ventilation systems, lighting system, energy monitoring system, and
impact of building layout on energy efficiency.  The energy Conservation
Descriptive Data can be on one or two separate sheets and placed in the
second transparent sleeve.
C. Photographs:
Provide 8" x 10" color prints and 35mm color
slides of renderings and models with submittal. Note: Model photos are
D. Drawings will include site plans, at scale scale showing the
project and its immediate environs, floor plans, one or more building
sections sufficient to explain the solution and exterior elevations.
Drawings must be at scale, but may be shown in any medium.  Scale is
optional but should be as large as practicable. Scale shall be shown
graphically.  Graphics must be on 8-l/2" x 11" sheets or can be 8" x 10"
photographs slipped into transparent window sleeves in the binder.
Material on large sheets or folded sheets are not desired.
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