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1 October 1990
Section VI
ing at least 35 percent design, but prior to 100 percent
design, must be submitted to obtain final safety re-
Final Safety Review
B. Site Plan
The site plan shall show the planned site development
for andaround the project at a scale no smaller than one
inch equals 400 feet. In most cases. the location plan
submitted for site approval is sufficient.
When Required
A final safety review is a part of all site approval
C. Project Design Drawings
reviews for projects involving ammunition and explo-
sives safety criteria. Normally the final safety review
Project design drawings shall show the following
is issued at the time of site approval. However, when
design solutions as required by NAVSEASYSCOM
approved Definitive Design Drawings are not used the
OP-5, Volume I and as appropriate to the particular
site approval request documentation may be insuffi-
cient for adequate evaluation by the Department of
Defense Explosives Safety Board (DDESB). When
1.  Provide general details regarding dividing walls,
the DDESB needs additional or more detailed infor-
vent walls, fire walls, operational shield, barricades,
mation, it will request that the project be resubmitted
exits, types of floor finish, fire protection system
for a final safety review. This requirement becomes a
installation. electrical systems and equipment, venti-
contingency of the site approval and is documented on
lation systems and equipment, hazardous waste dis-
NAVFAC Form 11010/31 Part I Section D Block 4.
posal systems, lightning protection systems, static
grounding systems. process equipment, and auxiliary
support structures as well as general materials of
2. Provide a topography map with appropriate
contours when terrain features are considered to con-
The information needed by the DDESB is developed
stitute natural barricading, or when topography influ-
during the design phase of a project. The design
ences the layout (as in some chemical operations).
drawing representing at least 35 percent design is
normally required for the DDESB's review. It is the
responsibility of the Engineering Field Division (EFD)
D. Justification and Rationale
to compile final safety review documentation and to
forward it to Naval Sea System Command
(NAVSEASYSCOM) (6651) for obtaining DDESB's
Explosives Operations
final safety approval.
Furnish information on the type and arrangement of
explosives operation or chemical processing equip-
ment. Identify the overall explosives limit of the
facility as well as the explosives limits on each room or
2. Personnel
A. Plans and Maps
Provide information regarding numbers and types of
personnel located in offices and operating areas of the
One copy of the final site development plan and one
complete set of the project design drawings represent-
Attachment 22D
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