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When the design is 100% complete (Final Submission), the A/E shall review the
submittal log of the project specifications for comparison to the submittal
review effort negotiated in the A/E contract.  The A/E shall bring to the
attention of the DM any significant differences in the level of A/E submittal
review effort required/desired vs. that negotiated as a result of this review.
If agreed and necessary, an amendment to the previously negotiated PCAS
effort for A/E submittal review shall be prepared and negotiated.
A/E Processing of Submittals Reviews
The need for expeditious handling of construction submittals cannot be
overemphasized since delays in processing submittals requiring A/E approval
can lead to delay claims by the construction contractor.  Accordingly, all
submittals requiring A/E review and/or approval shall be reviewed and/or
approved and returned to the government by express or overnight mail within 10
working days of their receipt by the A/E.  The A/E shall retain one file copy
of all submittals.  All other copies shall be returned to the ROICC.
Submittals requiring A/E approval shall be reviewed and stamped as follows:
Contract _____________________
Spec No. ______________
For ___________________________________________________
Checked by ___________________________
Date __________
Include one of the following notations:
a)  "NOT REVIEWED":  Use for submittals previously reviewed and
approved, items not required as submittals, submittals which do not have
evidence of being reviewed and approved by the construction contractor, or
submittals which are not complete.  A submittal marked "not reviewed" shall be
returned with an explanation of the reason it is not reviewed.
b)  "APPROVED":  Use for submittals where the construction contractor is
authorized to proceed with the work covered.
c)  "APPROVED AS NOTED":  Use for submittals where the construction
contractor is authorized to proceed with the work as noted provided the
contractor takes no exceptions to the notations.  All notations shall be
marked in red on all copies of such submittals.
d)  "DISAPPROVED":  Use for submittals which are incomplete or do not
comply with the design concept or the requirements of the contract documents
and which require resubmittal with appropriate changes.  Indicate the reasons
for disapproval on all copies of such submittals.
A/E comments as a result of a thorough review or spot check of a QC approved
submittal shall be indicated on a report separate from each such submittal.
The report shall clearly enumerate all comments or indicate that the A/E has
no comments. Two copies of the report for each such submittal review shall be
forwarded to the ROICC for further action by the government, if necessary.
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