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5)  Evaluation of construction contractor proposed exceptions or
variations to the requirements of the contract documents
Evaluation of construction contractor Value Engineering Change
Basis of Payment for Reimbursable Consultation
Payment for reimbursable consultation services, whether performed in the A/E's
office or at the construction site, will be made on a cost per manday (8 hour)
basis.  The number and cost of reimbursable consultation mandays required both
at the site and in the A/E's office will be discussed during fee negotiations
and the A/E Contract will stipulate a lump sum price for consultation
reflecting these negotiations.  This lump sum price is contingent upon the
scale, type and complexity of construction as well as the amount of funds
available.  It should be noted that although the lump sum contracted price for
consultation reflects the anticipated amount of consultation required, no
minimum amount is guaranteed.  Payment for consultation services will be made
on an "as requested" basis.
To establish the A/E's cost per manday for office and site consultation
services and to facilitate contract modifications for changes to the amount of
A/E consultation required, the A/E shall submit with his fee proposal the
following unit prices for negotiation:
a)  Labor cost per day per person (average cost per person (RA or PE),
including overhead and profit, for 8 hours).
b)  Labor cost per person associated with travel time (round trip) from
A/E office to the site.
Travel cost per day (eg., car operating costs or car rental) at the
Travel cost per trip in addition to above (eg., plane fare) to the
Lodging cost per night per person at the site.
Per diem per day per person (eg., meals) at the site.  Changes to the Number of Negotiated/Contracted Reimbursable
Consultation Mandays
If, during the course of the A/E contract, the government wishes to change the
number of contracted A/E reimbursable consultation mandays, an adjustment in
contract price will be made in accordance with the negotiated unit pricing
requested above and a contract modification will be issued in accordance with
the chapters titled "The A/E Contract" and "A/E Contract Administration".
Requests for Consultation
Requests for A/E consultation during construction will be received directly
from the ROICC.  In most cases, the A/E will initially receive such requests
by telephone and, depending upon the circumstances, a follow-up letter.  In
the initial contact, the ROICC and A/E shall establish the reason for the
consultation request, determine whether the A/E's consultation effort is
reimbursable and, if so, an agreed upon (not to exceed) estimate of the time
(hours or mandays and associated costs) and schedule to perform the
consultation services.  The A/E shall keep a log of reimbursable consultation
requests indicating the date received, the name of the government
representative requesting the consultation, the nature of the request, and the
expended hours or mandays.  The A/E shall promptly notify the ROICC when 80%
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