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of the contracted consultation amount (days or dollars) has been used or if
further requests for reimbursable consultation will exceed the contracted
price for consultation.
Consultation Reports
At the completion of each site consultation visit but prior to leaving the job
site, the A/E shall submit to the ROICC a brief handwritten report of the
services rendered.  Within 5 working days following the completion of each
office consultation request, the A/E shall submit two copies of a final typed
report to the ROICC and one copy to the DM.  Each report shall include as a
a)  A cover letter indicating the A/E and Construction contracts
involved, the phone conversation or letter requesting the site or office
consultation, the requesting official, date(s) of the consultation, the A/E
representatives who performed the services with their titles, and the
manhours/mandays expended.
A description of the services rendered.
c)  Persons contacted and those in attendance during the consultation.
Include their phone numbers.
Problems encountered.
Recommended solutions or proposed milestones for resolution.  Evaluation of Contractor Proposed Exceptions or Variations to the
Contract Documents
In addition to the general requirements, consultation reports on A/E
evaluation of construction contractor proposed exceptions or variations to the
contract documents shall address:
a)  Whether the proposed substitution is of equal, better, or lesser
quality than the design requirements.
If of lesser quality, the difference in value.
c)  If of equal or better quality, the advantages to the government in
accepting the substitution at no change in contract price.  Evaluation of Construction Contractor Value Engineering Change
Proposals (VECPs)
The purpose of a VECP is to achieve savings in cost by adjusting the design so
as to permit more economical methods and materials of construction and still
maintain the operational, functional and aesthetic quality of the facility.
Note that a construction contractor VECP differs from a construction
contractor proposed variation or exception to the contract documents in that a
VECP must maintain at least the same level of quality as in the original
design while a proposed variation or exception could lower the quality of
construction.  Under the VECP program the contractor and government share in
the savings resulting from acceptable proposals, while a full credit (deduct)
in the construction contract price is taken for approved variations or
exceptions which are of lesser quality than the original design.
In addition to the general requirements, consultation reports on A/E
evaluation of VECPs shall include:
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