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The advantages and disadvantages of the VECP.
b)  Economic analysis and justification for recommending approval or
rejection of the VECP.
In order to avoid tacit delays to construction, government processing time for
VECPs is held to 21 calendar days from the date the ROICC receives the VECP
package from the contractor.  Accordingly, the A/E shall complete and forward
consultation reports on VECPs to the ROICC and DM within 5 working days from
the time of receipt.  In addition, the A/E shall also forward one copy of the
VECP consultation report to NORTHDIV Code 04AB.
A/E Invoicing for Reimbursable Consultation Services
General information on invoicing procedures is contained in the chapter titled
"A/E Contract Administration".  Include copies of all cover letters to
consultation reports indicating hours expended on each consultation with each
invoice.  In addition, when invoicing for reimbursable site consultation,
furnish the official copy of NORTHNAVFACENGCOM 4330/38 (Rev 12-84),
"Memorandum of Consultation-Visit by Architect/Engineer Firm", signed at the
site by representatives of both the ROICC and A/E firm.  Indicate travel and
other expenses in accordance with the negotiated unit prices.
Design Field Support
Unless Supervision and Inspection Services are negotiated and contracted as a
Contract Phase (see the chapter titled "Supervision and Inspection Services"),
the A/E has no field construction responsibilities. The ROICC is responsible
for field administration and the government's quality assurance program
relative to the construction contractor's quality control program.  However,
to assist the ROICC in this endeavor, the A/E shall provide Design Field
Design Field Support consists of periodic site visits by teams of A/E
personnel to observe and report on particular phases of construction or
problems, ascertain the progress of construction and to assist the ROICC in
quality assurance measures.  The purpose of the team visits is to ascertain
whether work-in-place satisfactorily meets the intent of the design and to
keep the A/E aware of the status and quality of construction.  As a general
rule, design field support is required for critical design elements or phases
of the construction work.  The number of visits and A/E team composition is
based on the size, complexity, qualifications of ROICC personnel at the site
and location of the project.  The request for a site visit and the preferred
A/E team composition wil be determined by the ROICC.  Only the design
disciplines directly involved with that particular critical design element
should make site visits.  Visits will be coordinated and scheduled by the
ROICC to allow the A/E and government to get maximum benefit from each trip.
Number of Site Visits
For purposes of establishing a level of effort for negotiation for Design
Field Support, the A/E shall submit proposed costs for performing this work
based on the following assumed site visits by the indicated A/E personnel
(break down and show all associated travel expenses):
a)  Pre-Construction Conference (1 day) (A/E attendance required only
for highly complex or high visibility projects):  The A/E's Project Manager
shall attend the pre-construction conference for the purpose of consultation
on matters relating to the project and to become acquainted with problems
which the ROICC and/or the construction contractor anticipate during
construction.  The A/E's Project Manager shall be prepared to answer
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