Quantcast Operation and Maintenance and Support Information (OMSI) Manuals -Cont.

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and is typically required for rather simple new facilities (eg., community
(NOTE:  For small projects, renovations or rehabilitation projects an OMSI
Manual is typically not required.  In these cases, the preparation and
submittal of record drawings showing as-built conditions serves as the "OMSI
The Appendix "A" will indicate the Type of OMSI Manual required.  Detailed
requirements for format, content and submission of the appropriate OMSI Manual
are contained in the following Attachments to this chapter:
a)  Attachment 23A:  Guide for Operation and Maintenance Support
Information (OMSI) Manual (TYPE A)
b)  Attachment 23B:  Guide for Operation and Maintenance Support
Information (OMSI) Manual (TYPE B)
c)  Attachment 23C:  Guide for Operation and Maintenance Support
Information (OMSI) Manual (TYPE C)
Operation and Maintenance Data Packages are required as construction
contractor submittals in the technical sections of the project specification.
These Packages will be furnished to the A/E for use preparing the OMSI
The timing of such Data Package submissions by the construction contractor and
the completion of the OMSI Manual "prefinal" submission 30 days prior to
turnover of the facility to the customer/occupant (i.e., BOD) is essential.
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