Quantcast Preventive Maintenance (Blue cover)

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(13) Operation Records - includes forms, samples, and instructions for
keeping necessary operating records.
(14) Warranty Conditions - provides guidance/instructions necessary
for the operator to follow to keep all warranties valid.
Section B - Preventive Maintenance (Blue cover)
(1) Preventive Maintenance Plan and Schedule - provides a maintenance
plan for each piece of equipment which shall be in accordance with the
manufacturers' - recommended maintenance, good engineering practice, and other
h i s t o r i c a l information to include skill level, frequency and time required
for each check; provides an annual schedule by week to accomplish the
required maintenance at the necessary frequency with the schedule being
balanced and flexible to provide a uniform work load.
(2) Work Orders/Task Cards - provides Individual maintenance tasks
taken from the maintenance plan and printed on cards which can be used as a
work order to facilitate the performance of the required preventive
maintenance by the mechanic assigned to do the specified work; cards include
information on special tools needed and safety precautions to be observed
during the work.
(3) Lubrication Instructions (other than those by operator) - includes
a table showing recommended lubricants for specific temperature ranges and
applications; &art(s) with schematic diagram of the equipment show&
lubrication points, recommended types and grades of lubricants, and
capacities; a lubrication schedule showing service interval frequency.
(4) Instructions for Maintaining a Log of Preventive Maintenance
Accomplished - to provide: system of work management where the
accomplishment of preventive maintenance may be recorded, monitored and
controlled by either hand or computer method.
Section C - Corrective Maintenance (Blue cover)
(1) Troubleshooting Guides and Diagnostic Techniques - include
step-by-step procedures to promptly isolate the cause of typical
malfunctions; describes clearly why the checkout is performed and what
conditions are to be sought; identifies tests or inspections and test
equipment required to determine if parts and equipment may be reused or
must be replaced.
(2) Maintenance and Repair Procedures - provides instructions and the
list of tools required to restore equipment to proper operating standards.
(3) Removal and Replacement Instructions - includes step-by-step
procedures-dures presented as a combination of text and illustrations and a
list of tools and-supplies required for removal, replacement, disassembly,
and assembly of components, assemblies, subassemblies, accessories, and
attachments; provides the tolerances, dimensions, settings, and adjustments
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