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Generic contents of Operation and Maintenance Manual by systems as
Section A - Users Manual (Red cover)
Division 1
1. Provide the following data:
Square feet of area for each floor.
Total square feet of floor area for the facility.
Copy of roof Information card and membrane patching requirements.
Indicate if crawl space or slab on grade construction.
Denote if facility has a basement and the square feet of such area.
Overall width length and height of the facility.
Beneficial occupancy date.
2. Provide legible small scale architectural floor plans.
3. Denote the main connection and cut off points for all utilities, on the
small scale floor plane.  The points shall be marked physically in the
facility as a requirement of the construction specifications.
4. List the as built drawings by title and sheet numbers and identify where
the drawings and specifications will be kept on file.
Division 2 thru 16
1. Provide the as built record of materials (carpets, floor tile, wall
covering etc.,) used for each applicable section of the construction
specifications. Give a description of the material; name, address and
telephone number of manufacturer and supplier; and where the material was
2. List the do's and don'ts on proper use and care of material/-
equipment/system for the applicable Divisions/Sections.
Section B - Appendix
(1) Inventory of Equipment - a listing of all equipment identifying
nomenclature such as make model, serial number, size, location, etc. for
each item to Include physically marking all equipment and systems components
with permanent type tags/labels to include  a consecutive identifying number.
(2) Manufacturer's Equipment Information - includes drawings,
illustrations, and technical data furnished by the manufacturer for the
equipment and systems components and organized/indexed for easy reference.
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