Quantcast Personnel Staffing and Training Requirements

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(3) Parts Lists - provide identification and coverage for all parts of
components, assemblies, subassemblies, and accessories of the end items
subject to replacement; specify special hardware requirements, e.g., high
strength bolts and nuts; identify parts by make, model, serial number, and
source of supply to allow reordering without further identification; include
clear and legible illustrations, drawings, and exploded views to enable easy
identification of the items; shows index/reference/key number which will
cross-reference the illustrated part to the listed part; parts shown in the
listings shall be grouped by components, assemblies, and subassemblies with
individual parts identified to the assembly.
(4) Warranty Information - lists each piece of equipment furnished by
the construction contract and includes the written guarantees for such
equipment. The equipment list shall state the specification section
applicable to the equipment, duration of the warranty, start date of the
warranty, ending date of the warranty, and the point of contact for
fulfillment of the warranty; provides a listing of required operational and
general service maintenance to be performed by the Government to maintain
the manufacturer's warranty agreement; includes listing of all maintenance
work that can be performed by the Government without voiding the
manufacturer's warranty agreement; provides a listing of all shipping and
packaging requirements to send off for repair if applicable; and includes
procedures for Goverment personnel to follow when the contractor does not
adequately respond in a timely manner to warranty work calls.
(5) Personnel Staffing and Training Requirements - includes the
number and classification of people needed to operate and maintain the
(6) Information on Testing Equipment and Special Tools Required -
includes information on the test equipment required to perform specified
tests and on special tools needed for the operation, maintenance, and repair
of  components.
(7) Inspection Plan - provides an occupant inspection checklist for
major facility components. Establishes a Public Works Department frequency
inspection plan developed from NAVFAC MO-322.
(8) Supply Inventory Requirements - lists spare parts, fuels,
lubricants, etc. required for maintenance and repair to ensure continued
operation without unreasonable delays; reflects special consideration if
facility is at a remote location; and list parts and supplies that have a
long lead time to obtain.
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