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[Amendment No. ____ to]
Appendix "A"
Code 40__/____
Date (Revised)
in the A/E Guide.
Other Special Project Requirements
Points of Contact
Government points of contact for this project are:
Northern Division:
Contract Specialist (Code 023):
Tel: (215) 595 - ________
Design Manager (Code ______):
Mr./Ms. ________________________________
Tel: (215) 595 - ________
Project Manager (Code 09A2__/___):
Mr./Ms. ________________________________
Tel: (215) 595 - ________
____________________ Public Works Department:
For purposes of coordinating site visits and obtaining site data [and record drawings]
contact Mr./Ms. ________________________ at (
) ___ - ______ 5 working days prior to the
A/E's site visit.  [Record drawings are not available.]
Design Services
2.1.1  The A/E's standard contract requirements shall include preparation of the following
documents for [the][each] project for each applicable discipline:
Drawings[, including Check Prints (see A/E Guide, Chapter 6)]
Specifications[, including System Start-up and Test Procedures]
Cost Estimate
Design Analysis (Basis of Design and Calculations)
2.1.2  A/E costs for the preparation of these documents shall be priced under Section B,
Design Services, of the A/E fee proposal.  Details for preparation of drawings,
specifications, cost estimate and design analysis for each discipline are contained in the
A/E Guide.
Specialized Services
[In addition to Design Services,] the A/E shall provide those Engineering Services, Post
Construction Award Services (PCAS), and Supervision and Inspection Services marked thus,
"X", in the list accompanying this paragraph.  A/E costs for Engineering Services and PCAS
shall be priced under Sections A and C respectively of the A/E fee proposal.  Supervision
and Inspection Services shall be unpriced until such time as the government elects to
exercise those Phases of the contract.  Detailed requirements for these services are
contained in the referenced chapter of the A/E Guide or are detailed herein under the


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