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EFD - Engineering Field Division (e.g., Pacific Division, Atlantic
Division, etc.)
ES - Engineering Services.  A-E services other than design work such
as engineering investigations, studies, surveys, soils investigations,
inspections and reports.
FACD - Functional Analysis Concept Development.  FACD is a structured
approach to get consensus on an issue.  This structured approach is
being used in design to validate project scopes and to develop a
design concept for a project.  FACD has also been used on planning
studies, workshops and other activities where good decisions,
consensus and commitment are required for success.  The goal of FACD
in design is to reach agreement with the facility operator on the
facility that will provide the necessary functions and that can be
constructed within authorized construction budgets.  The process uses
value engineering technology and can involve extended interaction with
the facility operator and project sponsor, but can be as short as a
few hours for smaller projects.  The project scope and design concept
jointly developed in the FACD is usually documented in at formal
Partnering Agreement that is signed by participants in the FACD
process to signify their approval and commitment.  The Government
often provides a third party team leader to lead the FACD team through
the process.
FAR - Federal Acquisition Regulation.  The primary regulation used by
all Federal Executive agencies in the acquisition of supplies and
JOC - Job Order Contract
MCAF - Military Construction, Air Force.
MCON - Military Construction, Navy.  Major construction projects
specifically authorized by Congress.
MILCON - Military Construction.  Major Air Force and Army construction
projects specifically authorized by Congress.
NAVFACENGCOM - Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Alexandria,
Virginia (Formerly Bureau of Yards and Docks).
NCTAMS PAC - Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station
Eastern Pacific.
NTR - Navy Technical Representative.
ODS - Ozone Depleting Substances.
OIC - Officer in Charge.  The OIC represents the Commander, Naval
Facilities Engineering Command, in the administration of specific A-E
OICC - Officer in Charge of Construction.  The OICC represents the
Commander, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, in the administration
of specific construction contracts.
OICC MARIANAS - Officer in Charge of Construction, Naval Facilities
Engineering Command Contracts, Marianas, Guam, Mariana Islands.


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