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OICC PACNAVFACENGCOM DET FAR EAST - Officer in Charge of Construction,
Pacific Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Detachment, Far
East, Yokosuka, Japan.
PACNAVFACENGCOM - Pacific Division, Naval Facilities Engineering
Command.  PACNAVFACENGCOM's geographical area of responsibility and
organization charts are shown at the end of this section.
PCAS - Post Construction Award Services.
PCE - Parametric Cost Estimate.
PD - Project Definition (Air Force).
PDE - Project Design Engineer.  The PACNAVFACENGCOM representative
assigned to a specific project who will be the point of contact on all
project matters including administration of the A-E contract.
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PE - Project Engineering.
PWC GUAM - U.S. Navy Public Works Center, Guam, Mariana Islands.
PWC PEARL HARBOR - Navy Public Works Center, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
PWC YOKOSUKA - U.S. Navy Public Works Center, Yokosuka, Japan.
ROICC Regional Officer in Charge of Contracts.  The contract
alliance between PWC Pearl Harbor ACO functions and PACDIV Regional
Officer in Charge of Contracts, Pearl Harbor.  This consolidation
gives the local customers one point of contact for all of their NAVFAC
contracting needs from cradle to grave since it includes both pre- and
post-award functions.
ROICCPAC - Resident Officer in Charge of Construction, Pacific
Department.  ROICCPAC is an organizational component of the CBC Port
Hueneme, California.  ROICCPAC provides CONUS support to OICCs in the
procurement and shipment of materials and equipment.
the extent of the A-E's services and the special features and
deviations peculiar to a given project.  (Scope of Work)
SF - Standard Forms.
SPAWARSYSACT PAC - Naval Command, Control and Ocean Surveillance
Center, RDT&E (Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation Activity,
WBS - Work Breakdown Structure Systems Descriptions.
1.4.1  Background:  The selection of the most highly qualified
Architect-Engineer (A-E) firms for design of Government facilities is
required by the Brooks Act and is key to quality facilities.  The DOD
objective is to provide flexibility in the process for the selection


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