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Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance," as a guide.  Landscape design is
required for new construction or building conversion projects unless stated
otherwise in the "SCOPE."
1.5.9  Interior Design:  Development of a coordinated decoration plan to
provide the best aesthetic effect possible.  May include the selection of a
color scheme, interior furnishings, furniture and any special finishes
pertinent to the overall interior design.
1.5.10  Title II Inspection and Surveillance Services:  Providing
inspection and surveillance services during the construction phase.  Title
II services require qualified personnel and sufficient on-site expertise to
assure adequate inspection and surveillance of the construction work.
1.5.11  System Safety:  Engineering services that include identification,
analysis, evaluation, and elimination/control of hazards that may impact
the people, mission, and operations within facilities.  Design A-E should
obtain copy of Preliminary Hazard List (PHL) and Preliminary Hazard
Analysis (PHA) to identify system safety design requirements.  PHL is
normally prepared by the user activity and required for 1391+.  Standard
PHA may be available on typical naval facilities.  However, when PHA is
unavailable prior to start of design, preparation shall be funded by the
Activity and completed at the 10% concept stage.  A Requirement Hazard
Analysis (RHA) may also be required, as identified by activity system
safety working group, to address hazards identified in the PHL/PHA and
during the design phase and to document actions taken to eliminate or
reduce hazards to a level acceptable to the activity.
1.5.12  Intrusion Detection System (IDS):  Preparation of IDS design.  The
IDS A-E Contractor should have the appropriate security clearance and is
used when the original Electrical Engineer or prime A-E for the project
does not have or cannot obtain security clearances as required to design
the security system because it may be classified "CONFIDENTIAL" or higher.
NAVCOMP guidance directs that IDS equipment acquisition and equipment
installation funds be provided from OPN.  Facility items that are MCON
funded in support of IDS include equipment space allocations (panel mounted
equipment in telephone closets/security office), alarm control center
building (for larger complexes), chain link fencing, cipher locks, security
lighting, junction boxes, permanently installed control wiring, electrical
power, and conduit for IDS cables.
The Director, Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) budgets and
provides funds for IDS design, procurement and installation costs.
Facility design and construction schedules should be coordinated with NCIS
(Code 24X25).  DD 1391+ and floor plans at 10% and 100% design are required
for IDS project submittal.  NCIS will provide IDS equipment such as card
readers, volumetric sensors, balanced magnetic switches, CCTV/monitors,
keypads, computer systems (including software), and uninterrupted power
supply (UPS) for IDS.
IDS for Marine Corps projects is separately funded and managed by CMC POS-
43.  Marine Corps projects should be coordinated directly with CMC POS-43.
Marine Corps projects also require coordination with NISE EAST Charleston
but do not require NCIS coordination.
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