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a.  Newport
Design/Build IFB - NFGS Design/Build (DB) specs generally
used for low bid
projects similar to a construction contract; more strict
guidance.  Specs
package is comprised of sections from:  Division UF
Project Elements
(UNIFORMAT) and Division 01, and applicable technical
sections. (Refer
to DBUILD Table of Contents concerning use of these
Note:  Design/Build Uniformat sections are available only in SPECSINTACT
b.  RFP format specs (used for housing type projects, etc.) -  Best
value; gives contractor more leeway.  Refer to NAVFACINST 11101.85F, Navy
Family Housing Projects, Design-Build (Turnkey) Standards.  Note:  PACDIV
for I-H projects or A-E prepares Parts 2, 3, 4, and 6; and Construction
Contracts (R110) prepares Parts 1 and 5 with PACDIV or A-E  input/assist.
1.6.7  Job Order Contract (JOC).  (Construction Contract)  For minor
construction, smaller projects. Full plans and specs.  A competitively
negotiated, firm fixed unit price, indefinite quantity contract which
contains a database of detailed priced tasks for a variety of facilities
maintenance, repair and construction work.  These priced tasks from MEANS
form the basis for defining and negotiating task orders
1.7  A-E DESIGN/PERFORMANCE AWARDS:  In order to provide appropriate
recognition for outstanding performance and design, the Navy participates
in the A-E awards programs.  The general criteria for selection is as
a.  Mission Support.  Design adequately met the customer's stated
needs and mission requirements.
b.  Cost Effectiveness.  Appropriate, aesthetic and functional design
solutions which reflect effective utilization of durable construction
materials enhancing the facilities life cycle cost, designed within the
project's budget.
c.  Low Change Order Rate.  Contract documents had a low overall
design change order rate and design errors or omissions were not present or
were not significant.
d.  Appropriate Design.  Design was in keeping with the design
philosophy defined in Section 5, paragraph 5.1.
e.  Quality Control.  Contract documents clearly indicated the
intended construction.  Drawings and specifications were concise and
thoroughly coordinated between the different disciplines.
f.  Timely Design Effort.  Contract documents produced within the
agreed upon schedule and there were no A-E caused delays.
g.  Cooperation.  Professional cooperation and responsiveness in the
delivery of contract design services and post construction award services
was exceptional.
Types of Awards:
a.  NAVFAC Design Awards Program.  NAVFAC Commander's Certificate of
Commendation.  A means to recognize A-Es and NAVFAC-wide personnel for
significant design accomplishments.  The program seeks to recognize


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