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excellence in design activities, design products and assorted management
activities, and to publicize these accomplishments as examples to be
emulated by others.  (Supersedes the disestablished DOD Awards Program.)
Reference Criteria:  NAVFACINST 5061.78, "Awards Programs for Design
Related Activities."  PACDIV POC:  Code 401
b.  Naval Facilities Engineering Command Industrial Incentive Plan
(IIP).  No A-E entry submittal is required.  Nominations are made by
PACNAVFACENGCOM.  Reference Criteria:  NAVFACINST 4804.1G.
1) Certificate of Appreciation.
No A-E entry submittal required.
2) Commander's Certificate of Commendation.
No A-E entry submittal
c.  NAVFAC Specifications Award Program.  To recognize and reward
achievement of A-E contractors and NAVFAC staff for construction
specifications of superior quality.  This is a follow-on program to the
Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Specifications Competition.
Entries into the CSI Competition are automatically considered for the
NAVFAC program.  No A-E entry submittal required.  NAVFAC ltr 151 of 23 Jul
1.7.2  Other Award Programs:  The A-E must obtain written permission via
the PDE from the PACNAVFACENGCOM Public Affairs Officer (00D) when the A-E
proposes to submit projects under PACNAVFACENGCOM contract administration
for publication or for other awards program.  As appropriate, submit the
proposed text or a complete description of the other awards program.
1.8  A-E PERFORMANCE EVALUATION:  An A-E performance evaluation report will
be prepared for each A-E/ES contract or task order in excess of $25,000.
Performance evaluation reports will be prepared on DD 2631, Appendix D, at
the completion of design and at the completion of construction.  For IDQ
contracts, a separate report will be prepared for each project completed
under the contract.  The Acquisition Department will automatically forward
evaluations to the A-E.  The completed evaluations will be permanently
retained in the ACASS for review and consideration by A-E Slate and
Selection Boards. A-E may review the firm's evaluations at the Acquisition
Department upon request.
Architect-Engineer Contract Administration Support System (ACASS) is an
automated system by which the Government may assess and evaluate A-E firms
who are interested in Government contracts.  ACASS is used to assemble the
information necessary for pre-selection and selection officials, to help
analyze the firm's past performance evaluations.  ACASS list past
performance up to 6 years.
1.9  A-E LIABILITY:  Construction contract modifications resulting from
design errors or omissions are reviewed to determine if the A-E should be
held responsible for compensation to the Government for damages incurred.
Cases involving A-E liability will be vigorously pursued by the Government.
In several instances construction problems resulting from design
deficiencies have resulted in A-E liability cases because the A-E failed to
provide timely support to resolve the problem.  A-E's should consider this
fact when they are requested to assist in the resolution of construction
problems.  The Acquisition Department is the Command's coordinator for A-E
liability cases.


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