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COMPACNAVFACENGCOM, do not contact or supply information to public utility
organizations or private property owners.  The Government will make
contacts regarding these matters and obtain permits for the A-E's entry to
private property.  Authorized Contacts:  Contact the appropriate utility company
representatives where applicable to determine the location and
characteristics of the nearest service facilities capable of supplying
requirements.  Make such contacts on an information basis only.  Exercise
caution to avoid any implied commitments on the part of the Government for
any planned requirements.  Do not discuss leasing of land or facilities
with utility companies or property owners.  Also, any feasibility studies
conducted should be based on cost-of-service information provided by
PACNAVFACENGCOM in lieu of the published or quoted rates of the supplier.
2.7.3  Total Quality Leadership.  PACDIV is committed to the concepts of
TQL.  Under this concept, very close liaison must be maintained with User
Activities in order to keep the Station personnel apprised of all aspects
of any work done on his Station.  The PDE and/or a PACDIV representative
will do all of the initial contacts and will participate in the initial
oral briefings on the Station.  However, A-E personnel will be working
alone at the Station during most of the extended data gathering effort.
Thus the A-E, as a PACDIV Contractor, must maintain any necessary liaisons
so that the Station is fully apprised on changes in the A-E's work or
schedules and that there are no surprises to the Station resulting from the
A-E's work on the Station.  Especially sensitive to Naval Air Stations are:
Work on or near airfields, especially during air operations.
Work on or near personnel support facilities such as housing and
child care centers.
Work near classified facilities or activities.
2.8  CONFERENCES:  Record decisions and required actions determined at the
conferences.  Submit a written report of conferences, including telephone
conversations, which involve a question of scope, a significant design
element or project cost, and forward to the COMPACNAVFACENGCOM, attention
the PDE within one week after each conference.  Include a statement as to
the effect of any decisions on the scope, money, and design time of the
2.8.1  Station Conferences and Site Inspections:  Schedule conferences with
the User Activity and site inspections through the PDE as necessary for
obtaining basic design data.  The PDE will arrange for the first meeting
which will generally be with the Public Works Officer or the Commanding
Officer.  At this meeting, the scope of work and the schedule of
performance will be discussed.  Arrange for subsequent meetings, if
required, and inform the PDE.  The PDE may waive the necessity of his own
attendance when the subject matter is minor in nature.
2.9  AVAILABLE INFORMATION:  PACNAVFACENGCOM has on file many maps, aerial
photographs, drawings, specifications and basis of design, design
calculations and soil boring reports for past construction in the ROICC
Pearl Harbor area of responsibility.
Information for activities under the
cognizance of OICC Marianas and OICC PACNAVFACENGCOM DET Far East are
generally available at the respective offices.  Activities/stations plan
files and public works office are also sources of information.
2.9.1  A-E Verification of Available Information:  Evaluate and verify
information, such as oral representations or "As-Built" or "Record


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