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3.1  SUBMITTALS:  Required submittals will be identified in the "SCOPE."
Generally, the following submittals are required:
100% and final (60% for complex or large projects).
Concept, 60%, 100%, and final.
3.1.1  Schedule for Submittals:  The time allowed for each submittal from
the contract award date and the number of copies required for each
submittal will be indicated in the "SCOPE."  Meeting established submittal
schedules is essential.  Late submission of the documents jeopardizes the
design or construction contract award.  Notify the PDE, at the earliest
possible date if a submittal due date will not be met.
3.1.2  Pre-Design Meeting. The design team should meet with PACNAVFACENGCOM
Code 04, prior to the start of design.  Meeting length and participants
will be determined by PDE and Code 04.  As a minimum, the meeting will
include the PDE and Prime A-E.
Functional Analysis Concept Development (FACD).
a.  An FACD study is usually the first step in design development of a
project after it is authorized for final design.  FACD services can range
from obtaining consensus on project functions and goals to complete project
design.  FACD studies on major projects normally involve concentrated on-
site work sessions with the facility operator, design team, base
engineering, utility provider and PACNAVFACENGCOM representatives to define
the project's functional requirements, verify project scope and develop a
schematic design.  Topographic survey, geotechnical investigation, site
verification, environmental (permit) restrictions, and identification of
all utility connection requirements may be part of the FACD process.  The
level of FACD services required on a project is usually determined by the
Facilities and Environmental Acquisition Planning Board (FEAPB) or jointly
by the project manager and Design Division management.  PDEs should
coordinate execution of the FACD with CAP04B after the level of FACD
activity has been determined.  PDEs are normally responsible for including
A-E design support for the FACD, notifying project sponsors, the using
activity, PACNAVFACENGCOM representatives and other individuals of the FACD
and the FACD schedule and to request their attendance at scheduled
meetings.  CAP04 usually wants to meet with FACD teams (particularly teams
that have not previously done an FACD).  PDEs should schedule a meeting
between CAP04 and the FACD team prior to the start of the FACD.
b.  The scope of work and concept design developed and approved
during the FACD process formulate the partnering agreement between
PACNAVFACENGCOM, the user and host activity, and other stakeholders in the
project.  These agreements shall serve as the basis for follow-on design
development.  The A-E shall comply with requirements depicted in the FACD
documents to the greatest extent possible.  Any deviation from the FACD
requirements shall be documented by the A-E along with justification and
submitted to the PDE at the earliest stage for resolution with the customer
and PM.  As part of the final design submission, the A-E shall provide
written certification that all FACD requirements have been incorporated, or
addressed as deviations and amicably resolved.
3.1.3  Value Engineering (VE):  Public Law and NAVFAC policy require that
value engineering be applied to all projects with a construction value of


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