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a.  The Project Title, Location, Customer Activity, P-Number or other
Project Number, A-E Contract Number, Name of PDE, and Fiscal Year.
b.  The specific method used to cross-check all of the various
discipline/consultant's drawings to one another for completeness and
accuracy at each submittal stage.  This method should include a marking pen
system which shall include a complete "Check-Set" of drawings,
specifications, technical documents and cost estimate for the project.
Mark this set as the "Quality Control Check-set".  Utilize a color coding
system indicating who and when checks are made in one color and who and
when corrections are made and verified in another color (e.g. one checker
can mark all errors or changes in red, another in blue, etc.; corrections
can be highlighted in yellow; and cross check can be circled or highlighted
in green.).  After all "quality checking" is completed, the check-set with
all correction marks, shall become part of the A-E's 100% submittal to the
COMMAND.  The check-set will be returned to the A-E prior to the Final
Submittal.  Rejection of the 100% submittal will require another quality
check-set to be submitted.
c.  The specific method used to cross-check the drawings,
specifications, technical documents and cost estimates to each other for
completeness and accuracy at each submittal stage.  This method should
include the marking system described above in paragraph 3.2.1.b.
d.  The specific method used to determine the constructibility (e.g.
Can Contractor construct as detailed (not detailed) in drawings or
specified in specifications? etc.) of the facility as detailed in the
drawings, specifications and technical documents.
e.  The specific method used to determine the biddability (e.g. Can
Contractor bid project?  Does he have all the information required to
provide a reasonable bid on a technical cost proposal? etc.) of the
contract documents.
f.  A combined or separate checklists covering the topics listed in
above paragraphs 3.2.1  b, c, d and e.
g.  The name of the principal or individual within the A-E firm
responsible for quality control.  This person shall be a third party and
shall not be a member of the design team nor the principal responsible for
the design project.
h.  A separate checklist for items that should be researched during
the field or site investigation efforts.  This checklist should be almost
completely checked off by the time the DQCP is submitted.
i.  Quality Control Certifications shall be signed by an A-E principal
certifying that Final Submittal documents have been quality checked and
coordinated as per the DQCP (e.g. final cost estimates represent project
requirements depicted in final contract documents i.e. drawings,
specifications and other technical documents).
Quality Control Submittals:  Three copies of the DQCP shall be
submitted with the 10% submittal or no later than 10 days after the award
of the design contract.  The following are required design quality control
DQCP field/site investigation checklist at 10% Submittal.


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