Quantcast Submission of Annotated Review Comments

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W - Withdraw (meaning that as the result of discussion with the
originator of the comment it was mutually agreed that this comment
conflicts with another comment and that this comment has been
withdrawn by the originator.  Annotate Government representative
concurring, date, and other pertinent information).
R - Resolve and respond (meaning that resolution of this comment
requires further investigation by the A-E and that a response by
the A-E will be provided at the earliest possible opportunity).  Submission of Annotated Review Comments:  To facilitate our review
of your comments, separate each Government reviewer's comments (with your
annotated action comments) for distribution within PACNAVFACENGCOM to the
applicable reviewer.
a.  Print legible (typed or handwritten) comments on one side only,
full size (not reduction).
b.  Place tabbed dividers between each review, including reviews by
different persons of the same discipline or Branch in PACNAVFACENGCOM.  Do
not combine reviews.
Place comments exceeding 20 sheets in folders with fasteners.  Identification of A-E Taking Action on Comments:  With each
discipline's annotated action comments, by prime A-E or subconsultant,
include the A-E's name and telephone number.  This is to facilitate contact
with the person who took action on the Government's review comments.
3.4.1  Review Copies:  When identified in the "SCOPE" provide copies
directly to the activities and ROICC using the transmittal form letters
shown in Appendix K.
3.4.2  Originals:  Hand deliver the original documents to the PDE or
forward by registered U.S. mail, or air courier services unless identified
otherwise by the "Scope."


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