Quantcast Section 4. Post Construction Award Services (PCAS)

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4.1  GENERAL:  A-E services, called PCAS, are generally required once a
construction contract is awarded.  Generally, fees for these services are
negotiated with the basic contract for Operation and Maintenance (O&M)
projects and separately for Military Construction (MCON/MILCON) projects.
The "SCOPE" will list those services required for the project and will
indicate when the fee for each will be negotiated.
4.2.1  Communication When Partnering is Established:  Direct communication
between, but not limited to, the A-E, OICC, the ROICC, and their designated
representatives, and the Contractor is encouraged.  Communication between
the Contractor and A-E shall be limited to clarification of plans and
specifications.  A-E shall not direct the Contractor to make any changes or
deviations to the plans and specifications.
4.2.2  Communication When Partnering is Not Established:  Direct
communication between the A-E and the OICC, the ROICC, and their designated
representatives is authorized only for services that have been negotiated
on a firm fixed price basis.  Direct communication between the A-E and the
Construction Contractor is not authorized unless prior arrangements are
made with the OICC, OIC/OICC DET, or his representative.  If the
Construction Contractor should contact the A-E without prior authorization
by the OICC, OIC/OICC DET, or the ROICC, the A-E shall refer the
Construction Contractor to the ROICC, the OICC, or the OIC/OICC DET.
4.2.3  Written Report:  The A-E shall submit, to the ROICC with copy to the
PDE, within 5 working days a written report of communication with the
Contractors or Government employees.  The report shall include purpose,
persons contacted, problems, agreements reached, recommended solutions
and/or proposed milestones for resolution, and time, date.
4.3  PCAS SCOPING MEETING:  This meeting is part of the basic contract and
is generally held on the same day or the day after the 100% design review
conference to determine PCAS requirements.  Give a presentation addressing
items listed below and applicable items listed in subparagraph 4.4.8 of
this section.  Provide the PDE, 7 days prior to the meeting, a written
outline of the proposed presentation with handouts for review.  Make
revisions identified by the PDE.  Submit a draft (handwritten okay) of the
minutes of meeting at the close of business (COB) the day of the meeting,
with the final submitted within 5 working days.  Should the meeting extend
beyond normal working hours, submit the draft by 12 noon the next working
a.  A summary of the technical features of the project.  (Use
"updated" design phase presentation material and show "colored"
perspectives of facility).
b.  Background design information including problems, alternatives,
and solutions considered during design.
c.  A discussion of the user's concerns, special interests, and
cautions expressed during meetings with them.
Unique technologies incorporated into the design.


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