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In the event the contractor requests approval for material and equipment
which does not meet the contract requirements, furnish by letter the
following additional information to the COMPACNAVFACENGCOM:
a.  Whether the substitution is of equal, better, or lesser quality
than the design requirements.
If of lesser quality, the difference in value.
c.  If of equal or better quality, the advantages to the Government
for accepting the substitution at no change in contract price.
Attach a separate cover letter to submittals that have a recommended action
of "Approval Subject to the Corrections Noted," "Return for Corrections
Noted and Resubmission," and "Disapproval."  The letter shall clearly
describe why the particular action was recommended.  Identify which
section, paragraph, standard, code, etc., of the specification or which
section, detail, etc., on drawings of the contract documents the submittal
doesn't conform to.
Copies of the submittal shall be marked identically.  Retain one copy,
forward one copy to the PDE and the remaining copies to the ROICC using the
bottom of the form forwarding letter as his transmittal letter.  Expedite
review so that this process will not cause any delay in the construction
contractor's progress.  Submittal flow chart is shown in Appendix L.
4.4.2  Operation and Maintenance Manuals:  Preparation of operation and
maintenance support information (OMSI) manuals for projects with
complicated systems with many components that require extensive operation
and maintenance effort such as sewage treatment plants, aircraft hydrant
fueling systems, aviation test facilities, aviation trainer facilities, or
large power plants.  Each manual shall:  describe the complete system
operation with basic flow and operating conditions; identify component
parts installed by manufacturer and model; include manufacturers' brochures
and data submitted by the construction contractor, flow diagrams and other
such information necessary or desirable in the operation and maintenance of
the plant; and normally include single line flow charts for wall mounting.
The requirement for OMSI manuals will be determined prior to the start of
design and be identified in the 1391 and "Scope."
4.4.3  On-Site Consultation Services:  Present an in-and-out brief to the
Assistant Branch Manager, or PDE, respectively.  Submit to the ROICC at the
out brief a written report for PCAS rendered.  This may be a handwritten
draft with the final submitted to the ROICC and PDE within 5 working days.
Report shall include as a minimum:
Description of services performed.
A-E representatives who performed services with their titles.
c.  Person(s) contacted and those that attended in-and-out briefs.
Include phone numbers.
Problem(s) encountered.
Recommended solution(s) or proposed milestones for resolution.


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