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If the PDE does not accompany the A-E on the trip, the PDE will coordinate
the trip for the A-E including obtaining area clearances and scheduling
briefs with the ROICC/OICC.
4.4.4  Office Consultation:  Submit a written report to the OICC/OIC/OICC
DET/ROICC and PDE within 5 working days after completion of each
consultation service.  The report shall include as a minimum:
Reference of phone conversation or letter requesting services.
b.  Description of services (purpose/objectives) required and
Person(s) contacted with phone numbers.
Recommended solutions(s) or proposed milestones for resolution.
A-E representatives who performed services with their titles.
Persons that attended in-and-out briefs.
Problems encountered.
4.4.5  Evaluation of Value Engineering Change Proposals (VECP's):  Analyze
VECP's submitted by the construction contractor and provide a written
report recommending approval or disapproval.  Report shall include economic
analysis and justifications for approving/ disapproving of VECP.  The
purpose of a VECP is to achieve savings in cost by adjusting the design so
as to permit more economical methods and materials of construction and
still maintain the operational, functional and aesthetic integrity of the
facility.  Submit evaluations to the PDE within 3 working days after
authorization to proceed date, unless directed otherwise by the PDE.
4.4.6  As-Built Drawings:  The preparation, distribution of copies and
filing of as-builts are required by P-68.  In accordance with Deputy
Assistant Secretary of Defense memo of 28 Dec 95, ALL NEW CONTRACTS SHOULD
deliver their design drawings in electronic format (CADD).  Revise the
original drawings to show "as-built" conditions.  A set of marked-up prints
will be furnished showing the changes made during construction.  Make the
changes so marked and any changes resulting from approved shop drawings or
from approved deviations from the design on the original drawings.  Should
there be differences from what A-E knows of to that shown, apprise PDE.
Include size, manufacturer's name, model number and power input/output
characteristics of the equipment installed.  Inform PDE if marked-up prints
do not include this information.  Time for preparation of the "as-built"
shall be not more than 30 calendar days from the time of receipt of the
marked prints, unless directed otherwise by the PDE.
a.  When optional methods of construction are shown, the method not
used shall be crossed out and noted "not built."  Work previously crossed
out and noted "omit" or "not in contract" shall remain.
Cross out deleted or superseded portions of the drawings.
c.  Previous revision symbols and circles on tracings shall remain.
Revision data shall remain in the revision space.


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