Quantcast Title II Inspection and Surveillance Services

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(6) Space limitations
(7) Grounding system, lightning protection
(8) Fiber optics
Fire Protection
Sprinkler Systems
Halon or Carbon Dioxide Systems
Dry or Wet Chemical Systems
Fire Alarm Systems
Smoke or Heat Detection Systems
Fire Pumps
Fire Doors
Radio Fire Alarm Systems
4.4.9  Title II Inspection and Surveillance Services:  Provide qualified
personnel, on-site, to assure adequate inspection and surveillance of the
construction work.  Generally includes day-to-day inspection routines,
attendance at meetings, and reviewing certain contract documents.
4.4.10  Projects Involving Acquisition of Computer Software and Data:
Provide services for compliance with DFARS Subpart 227.4 - Technical Data,
Other Data, Computer Software and Copyrights, including assisting the
Government in reviewing and evaluating the items which the Government will
acquire with less than unlimited rights, and assisting in negotiations
prescribed by DFARS.


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