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available budget, the project design appears inappropriate, there is a
substantial bid bust or there is significant congressional interest in the
project.  Value Engineering Database (VEDIS):  This database is available as
part of the Construction Criteria Base (CCB).  VEDIS has information on
over 20,000 value engineering ideas proposed in previous value engineering
studies.  This information can be sorted by facility type, UNIFORMAT
system, and several other criteria.  Designers should review information in
the data base as part of their pre-design information investigation.
5.2.2  Air Force (AF) Criteria:  Air Force documents referenced in the
"Scope" should take precedence over other DOD, Navy, federal, and industry
documents referenced.  Guidance contained in these AF documents should be
used as the basis for design.  Submit to the PDE, in writing, request for
any deviation from AF criteria referenced in the "Scope".  Design for Maintainability.  See Appendix F.  Prepare cost
evaluations of materials and systems so that durable, low-maintenance items
are not replaced with high-maintenance items just to lower initial project
costs.  Interior Design Presentation Format.  Provides guidance in the
implementation of Comprehensive Interior Design (CID) and Structural Design
(SID) in Air Force construction projects.  Reference Criteria:  Hq AFCEE/CC
of 26 Nov 96 (See Appendix F)
5.2.3  Army Corps of Engineers REMR Notebook.  The REMR Notebook contains
information that will be of use to personnel engaged in repair, evaluation,
maintenance, and rehabilitation (REMR) activities at U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers civil works projects.  The information is presented in the form
of REMR Technical Notes, each of which includes a statement of purpose, a
point of contact for additional information or clarification, and other
appropriate information such as when and where to apply the technology
described, advantages and limitations of its use, costs and availability,
and personnel requirements.
Availability of Criteria Documents:  Construction Criteria Base (CCB)/SPECSINTACT:  A fully index data
base, which contains a comprehensive engineering library on a compact disk
(CD).  See Appendix E for additional information.  Navy Documents:  Design manuals, Military handbooks and other
referenced manuals, instructions and materials published by NAVFACENGCOM
are available on a loan basis by the PACNAVFACENGCOM Library.  Standard
references, textbooks, commercial and industry standards and similar
material are not available for loan.  Other Agency Criteria:  Army, Air Force, National Science
Foundation and other agency criteria will be furnished as required.
a.  Result from the successful blending of four elements:  respect of
image (Navy characteristics), function, environment, and economy.
Appropriate architecture does not let one of these elements dominate at the
expense of the others, but places proper weight and emphasis on each


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