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a.  Architectural Style:  Treatment for enhancement of existing
structures through maintenance and repair (i.e., facade treatments; color
coordination) and criteria for design of future new projects.
b.  Landscaping:  Plant palette, application, maintenance and
schematic plans for typical developments.
c.  Parking and Circulation:
Layout, dimensions and typical
finish/materials selection.
d.  Outdoor Graphics:  Graphic style, typography, sign face layouts,
mountings and sign locations.
Lighting standards and fixture styles.
f.  Street Furnishings:  Benches, bus shelters, bike racks, dumpster
enclosures and service screening.
g.  Area Cleanup:  Clean/clear those areas for open storage and which
degrade the quality of the immediate environment.
Incorporate the guidelines of the respective activity's BEAP or FEP as
available into the project design.  Specific BEAPs have been prepared for
the following activities:
Pearl Harbor Naval Complex
Naval Air Station, Barbers Point
Naval Magazine, Lualualei
Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master
Station, EASTPAC
Yokosuka Naval Complex, Japan
Prior to the initiation of the design, determine whether design guidelines
have been developed by the Activity, even though a formal plan may not be
on the foregoing listing, and incorporate these guidelines into the project
5.5  DESIGN COMPUTATIONS:  Prepare accurate and legible computations for
all phases of the design where necessary for the prosecution of the work on
letter size paper.  They shall be clearly detailed to permit review and to
assure compliance with the best engineering practices.
5.6  DESIGN AREA TABULATION:  The total project gross area and the
breakdown of the gross area by functional use shall not exceed that
identified on the DD Form 1391 or the "SCOPE."  Provide in the Basis of
Design a complete area breakdown tabulation for gross and net areas to
confirm scope and criteria compliance.  A supplemental drawing keyed to the
area take-off and indicating method of take-off shall accompany the area
tabulation.  Subsequently revised areas will require area re-tabulation
submittals at the 100% and final stages of project development.  Refer to
MIL-HDBK-1190, Facility Planning and Design Guide, for definitions of gross
area and net area.
5.7.1  National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Documentation:  The
environmental effects of the proposed project on the human environment
should be analyzed and documented per OPNAVINST 5090.1B CH-1.  Ensure the
appropriate level of NEPA documentation is consistent with the scope of


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