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CFC-12/HFC-152a Azeotrope
HCFC-22/CFC-115 Azeotrope
HFC-23/CFC-13 Azeotrope
Methyl Chloroform
Halon 1211
Halon 1301
Halon 2402
Furnish a certification form when there are no Class I ODS in the contract.
If the design requires Class I ODS, and no feasible alternative can be
found, provide technical justification in writing.  (For a sample, see
"Project Information Form for 100% and Final Submittals" at the end of
Section 8.)  Contact your PDE for further guidance on including Class I ODS
substances in the contract.
Disposal of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS).  All contract specifications
and contractual actions implemented shall be in full compliance with the
referenced documents (a).  Refrigerants and halons resulting from
replacement and conversions of shore-based HVAC and refrigeration equipment
and fire protection systems shall be recovered, recyled, and reclaimed and
used exclusively in support of the Navy.  The method by which monitoring of
the Navy's reserve would be accomplished is outlined in reference (b). This
supply can be managed at the activity level for local use or deposited in
the Navy ODS reserve for mission critical applications in accordance with
reference (c).  POC:  Felix Mestey, NAVFAC Code 41FM, (703) 325-8539.
(a) OPNAVINST 5090.1B and local implementing policy.
(b) NAVFACENGCOM ltr 5090 41FM/960137 of 21 May 96, Subj:  Dept. of
the Navy ODS Reserve Monitoring Plan
(c) NAVFACENGCOM ltr 5090 41FM/960136 of 21 May 96, Subj:  Navy ODS
Advisory System; enclosure (1) Navy ODS Advisory 96-01A
5.7.4  Notification of Demolition and Renovation:  A Notification of
Demolition and Renovation Form is required for all demolition involving
"load-supporting" structures and/or asbestos work in the State of Hawaii.
The designer should become familiar with the guidance/definition given to
determine whether or not the Notification of Demolition and Renovation Form
is required under the applicable regulations.  The Contract should
specifically state that the Contractor is responsible for completing all
parts of the notification form that are required to be complete under the
applicable regulations.  Instructions for completing the form is included
in NAVFAC Guide Specification NFGS-02220, "Site Demolition."  Submission of Form:  Ten working days prior to commencement of
work, complete and submit the Notification of Demolition and Renovation
forms to Federal and State authorities and the Contracting Officer in
accordance with 40 CFR 61-SUBPART M.  Complete paragraphs I, II, III.B,
III.C (if applicable), IX, and XVI of the form.  Complete paragraphs I, II,
III.B, III.C (if applicable), VIII, and IX through XIX of the form.  Copy
of form is attached at the end of this section.  The designer shall
complete paragraphs III.A, V, VI, VII, and ensure the quantity of asbestos
indicated reflects what is shown on the drawings.  Definitions:  "Demolition" means the wrecking or taking out of any
"load-supporting structural member" of a facility together with any related
handling operations or the intentional burning of any facility.
"Renovation" means altering a facility or one or more facility components
in any way, including the stripping or removal of RACM from a facility


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