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construction, maintenance and operation costs.  Provide energy conservation
design features where economically justified and within authorized funding
limit. In instances where significant energy savings can be achieved but
with a substantial increase in cost above the authorized funding limit,
notify the PDE at the earliest possible time so that appropriate measures
can be taken.
5.10.3  Energy Guidelines:  Energy guidelines for Military Construction
Programs may vary and therefore are not included in this publication.
However, coordinate with the PDE to insure that current applicable energy
guidelines for MCON projects are met.  This includes requirements for
(1) life cycle payback analyses of alternate energy systems and solar
energy, (2) computer energy analysis, and (3) energy conservation write-up
in the FACD.
5.10.4  Computer Energy Analysis:  A computer energy/system analysis, where
required for major new buildings and building rehabilitation projects, will
be accomplished in accordance with Attachment B of Appendix M.  Coordinate
the requirement for energy analysis by computer with the PDE on a
project-by-project basis.
5.10.5  Solar Energy Study:  Examine the project for solar energy
application when applicable, and when called for in the "SCOPE" prepare a
solar energy study.  The study is to determine the economic feasibility of
applying a solar energy system to the project design.  Design of solar
energy system and supporting elements are considered critical because of
the very limited temperature range, little allowance for heat leakage and
the need for design optimization.  Use the best engineering data and
judgment to establish parameters for the solar energy system design
consistent with the established criteria and engineering practices.  Do not
commence the design of the solar energy system until the solar energy
systems study is evaluated and approved by PACNAVFACENGCOM.
5.10.6  Sustainability/Recycling/Green Building:  The concepts of
sustainable development, when applied to facilities, offer solutions that
address our environmental concerns in the planning, design, construction
and management of facilities.
NAVFAC's policies, procedures, procurement practices, criteria and
standards are to fully implement sustainability concepts and will be the
normal way we do business.
The goals of sustainability concepts are to reduce energy, operation, and
maintenance costs; reduce building-related illnesses; increase the
productivity and comfort of building occupants; reduce waste and pollution;
and increase building and component durability and flexibility.  Locally,
public and private leaders have realized the economic and environmental
benefits of "green building" practices and are instituting policies,
developing building guidelines, and manufacturing products and systems that
will achieve sustainable development goals.
Construction materials and methods should foster sustainability through
resource conservation and recycling:
materials used for remodeling have a maximum or substantial
recycled content, depending upon availability;
building materials are themselves recyclable;
any virgin materials have renewable or sustainable sources;
items removed from the building have been carefully limited;


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