Quantcast Adequacy of Existing Utilities

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a.  If not included in the contract, request that a modification be
issued to include the work required to uncover the critical parts of
existing utilities, or
b.  Ask the Station, through the PDE, to uncover those parts of the
system in question so that his surveyor can obtain required data, or
Proceed on the best available data, then add the following note:
"Prior to start of excavation, the Contractor shall uncover the
pipes to which connection is to be made, or the existing improvements which
will be crossed by the new pipe, and determine their invert (or top)
elevations to determine whether the new piping can be installed as shown,
(add following for sewer piping) and when installed will work as intended.
Any differences shall be brought to the attention of the Contracting
Officer for direction on how to proceed."  The A-E will then be requested
to provide a solution if Post Construction Services have been awarded.
All contractors must be given the same basis for bidding.  Thus the
following types of notes are unacceptable.
a.  "The Contractor shall visit the site to verify field conditions."
(Note:  Contractors cannot be required to make a site visit.  The plans and
specifications must contain all data required to allow a basis for bidding
thats fair to all.)
b.  "The location of existing utilities is unknown.  The Contractor
shall tone to determine whether there are any existing obstructions in the
way of the new piping and shall relocate the piping to be free of these
Acceptable note is as follows:
a.  "Existing utilities or obstructions shown are based on the best
available records (and/or topographic surveys as appropriate).  However the
Contractor shall tone the route of the new pipeline, from Sta.
to locate unknown underground construction.  Should any be
found that may interfere with the new construction, they shall be brought
to the attention of the Contracting Officer."
5.16.6  Adequacy of Existing Utilities:  Provide a statement
whether the
existing utilities are or are not adequate, and the basis of
statement.  In many projects, the scope will not authorize a
study of the
adequacy of existing utilities.  Therefore use the following
sources for
this information:
a.  The A-E's fire flow tests if required by the scope.
Most projects
will require this.
b.  Fire protection test records of utilities.  Periodic tests of
Station water supply lines are made and the PACNAVFACENGCOM Fire Protection
Branch has these records.
c.  The Public Works Office.  Frequently, the person maintaining the
as-built records of the Station's utility systems can tell whether your
project can be supported by the existing utilities.
d.  The A-E's observations of sewage flow in the manholes and the
condition of the manhole.  The high water mark can indicate whether there
has been backup in the manhole.  Also if there is a blockage in the sewer


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