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or otherwise improper flow conditions, septic sewage may result and be
evident in the manhole.
e.  As a last resort, the project documentation.  PEDs will state that
existing utilities are adequate to support the project.  The A-E should be
aware that while the statement may be true for the system, it may not mean
that the closest point of connection has adequate capacity for the project.
If existing systems are inadequate to support the new construction, notify
the PDE at the earliest possible time.
5.16.7  Dust and Erosion Control:  Dust and erosion control, where deemed
necessary, shall be considered an integral part of design and construction
projects.  Such control will be generally limited to areas actually scarred
or denuded in the process of constructing a project.  Dust and erosion
control should not be confused with landscaping.  If applicable, include a
statement regarding the type of treatment selected, affected areas, and
reasons for selection of type and determination of areas.
Type, height and justification for fencing.
5.16.9  Roads and Parking Areas:  Indicate the type, speed, volume of
traffic, design wheel loads and how they were derived.  At the 60%
submittal, provide calculations to verify the thickness of pavements and
base courses and horizontal curves, vertical curves, super-elevation and
Airfield Pavements:
a.  A brief outline of soil conditions together with an outline of the
soils exploration and testing performed.
b.  Wheel loading, types of aircraft, any abnormal operating
c.  An explanation of deviations where made from Naval Air Systems
Command planning standards and NAVFAC Design Manual DM-2l/MIL-HDBK-1021/_
Design rainfall frequency and method proposed for storm.
e.  A general statement regarding the type of lighting to be provided
and the adequacy of existing runway and taxiway regulator capacities.
5.16.11  Disposal of Water Containing AAAF Fire Fighting Foam:  Certain
structures such as aircraft maintenance hangars must incorporate fire
fighting equipment which uses AAAF foam.  This foam must be handled in an
appropriate manner.
The following PACNAVFACENGCOM consultants may be contacted for further
advice on the subject.
Fire Protection Engineer, CAP408
Civil Branch, CAP405
Environmental Compliance Branch, Environmental Division, ENV181


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