Quantcast Activity Master Plan For Landscaping

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5.17.1  Landscaping:  Use landscaping to enhance and promote the
integration of facilities with the surroundings.  Low maintenance is of
prime importance.  Selection of plant materials native to the region is
stressed.  In the development of the landscape design, evaluate the
possible utilization of plant materials to achieve functional area
definition, privacy, screening, control of noise, sunlight, dust and
erosion, modification of wind current and provision of shade.  Activity Master Plan
for Landscaping:  Ensure that proposed
landscaping will be in general
conformance with the Activity's master plan
for landscaping.  If no master
plan is available, ensure that the
landscaping is consistent with
the practice in the specific local area and
climate.  Existing Trees and Shrubs:  Perform a tree survey prior to any
design efforts.  Ensure special care has been taken to save as many trees
as possible.  All trees designated as "exceptional trees" in the tree
survey should be preserved.  Functionality:  Describe landscaping as it relates to the
reduction of air conditioning loads, as it averts less desirable views and
features, and as it provides privacy.  Describe landscaping as it is used
to control erosion, solar and breeze exposure, and noise and dust  Native Plants:  Describe plant and construction materials
selected.  Plant materials selected shall be suitable for soils, water and
climate of the area.
Indicate type, configuration, and size of trees and
shrubs.  Ease of Maintenance:  Describe plant and construction materials
selected as they relate to ease of maintenance and state that are within
the maintenance capability of the Station/Activity.
Irrigation Systems:  Type System:  Describe the irrigation system selected.
irrigation system shall be adequate to support the plant growth.  Water Conservation:  Describe the irrigation system as it relates
to water conservation and its components.  Residual Pressure:  Indicate if an automatic or manual irrigation
system will be provided.  Indicate residual pressure and flow at point of
connection and how this was determined.  Calculations:  At the 100% submittal stage, provide calculations
to verify pipe sizes and to indicate pressure available at the spray heads.
Indicate design criteria used.  Indicate precipitation rate of each
circuit, maximum circuit size, maximum/minimum number of circuits required
and the total water system requirement.  Ease of Maintenance:  Describe irrigation system dependability,
durability and ease of maintenance.


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