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5.18  ARCHITECTURAL:  The goal is to allocate functional space so as to
efficiently and effectively meet the operational needs of the User Activity
and to completely integrate all elements of engineering and architecture so
that the interior-exterior elements of the facility are energy efficient,
functional, aesthetically pleasing, harmonious and compatible (i.e.,
materials, colors, textures, lighting, furnishings, equipment, spatial
relationship, scale, graphics, signage, landscaping, etc.) within
themselves and with regard to surrounding structures and environment.
5.18.1  Passive Features:  Describe the architectural features which
contribute to energy conservation.
5.18.2  Movable Partitions:  In administrative and office spaces and other
areas, such as classrooms, where flexibility of room size is an item that
should be considered, include a statement as to the proposed use of movable
5.18.3  Sizing of Equipment Rooms:  Provide equipment rooms of ample size,
with adequate allowances for access, maintenance, repair and easy removal
of equipment.  Consider future expansion, if foreseen or planned,
especially when phased construction is involved.  Size the equipment room
based upon the assumption that the contractor would procure equipment from
the manufacturers of the largest sized equipment in overall dimensions
which meet the specified requirements.
5.18.4  Exterior Wall Surfaces.
Avoid horizontal recesses and ledges where
moisture may accumulate.
5.18.5  Interior Downspouts:  Avoid interior downspouts or leaders.  If
interior downspouts are used, specify cast iron.  For maintenance purposes,
exterior surface mounted downspouts are preferred.
5.18.6  Roof:  Roofing systems shall be in accordance with MIL-HDBK-1011/1,
"Tropical Engineering"; the latest Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning
Contractors National Association, Incorporated Publication - Architectural
Sheet Metal Manual; and NAVFACENGCOM Roofing Design Criteria (Appendix O).  Roof Slopes:  Minimum slope for new roofs is 1/2 inch per foot.
An absolute minimum of 1/4 inch per foot may be considered if adequately
justified by the A-E and approved by PACNAVFACENGCOM.
5.18.7  Wet Area Floors:  Avoid the use of metal pan construction under
shower rooms, drying areas and other "Wet Area" floors.  Membrane pan
construction is preferred.
5.18.8  Color and Finish Selections:  Provide complete color and finish
selections for interior and exterior surfaces and describe the basis for
those selections.  Select colors from Federal Standard 595a where possible.
Where not possible, select colors from a national paint manufacturer's
color chart (for color only).  Provide color and sample boards for all
specified exterior and interior paint, tile and finished materials.  Select
allowable finishes from NAVFAC MIL-HDBK-1001/1, "Basic Architectural
Requirements and Design Considerations" or from the NAVFAC Design
Manual/MIL-HDBK pertaining to the Facility.
5.18.9  Building Systems:  The utilization of off-the-shelf building
systems and prefabricated structures is encouraged provided that the
project scope is satisfied.  Describe such systems and include an economic
comparison with other systems.


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