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i.  Indicate an equipment ground wire shall be run with circuits of
225 amperes and less.  Size the equipment ground in accordance with NEC
Table 250-95.
5.21.2  Exterior Distribution Systems:  Include a statement relative to the
adequacy of the primary supply at the point of takeoff.  If primary source
is inadequate, state measures proposed to correct deficiency.
a.  Indicate the electrical characteristics of power supply to the
Station or portion involved, including circuit interrupting requirements
and voltage regulation.
b.  Estimate the total connected load and resulting kilowatt demand
load by applying proper demand and diversity factors, if a group of loads
is involved.
c.  Show the basis for selection of primary or secondary distribution
d.  Indicate the type of conductors, such as copper or aluminum, and
where proposed for use.
e.  Include a statement describing pertinent standards of design, such
as voltage drop, physical characteristics of overhead or underground
circuits, type of street lighting units and lighting intensities.
f.  Describe the type and adequacy of telephone, signal and fire alarm
systems, including a statement as to number of spare telephone conductors
available and spare capacity on fire alarm circuit; also give location of
nearest fire alarm box and fire alarm circuit.
g.  Determine the short circuit duty required for protective devices
and switchgear and the proper selection and setting of protective devices
to insure that the electrical system will be properly coordinated.
h.  When designing facilities that accommodate nonlinear and harmonic
loads, use design practices noted in Appendix X.  Ductlines:  State in the 60% submittal that the spare ductlines
proposed for use are adequately sized and have been "blown and rodded"
(i.e. a 12-inch-long mandrel, 1/4 inch less than the inside diameter of the
duct, has been pulled through the entire length of the ductline) as
verification of their usability.  Use of wire brushes in lieu of mandrels
is not considered adequate verification of a duct's usability.  Obtain
written approval of conduit and duct assignments from the appropriate
office (PWC, Base Civil Engineers, Staff Civil Engineers, etc.).  Visually
inspect for asbestos materials and state if there is the possibility that
asbestos material is present.
5.22.1  System Engineering Concepts:  Include type and description of
systems and equipment capable of performing the desired functions, any
special coordination necessary to achieve required overall system
performance, and any new techniques proposed.
5.22.2  Equipment to be Utilized:
Indicate equipment to be utilized and
identify categories such as:


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