Quantcast Communications-Electronics System Basic Requirements

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Government-furnished equipment; identifying new or relocated
Commercially available items.
Special equipment requiring research or developmental work.
Special site or location considerations.
e.  Antenna requirements, including types, separation, mounting height
and method, aircraft obstruction marking, foundations and grounding.
f.  Types of antennas, transmission lines, method of installation,
termination, switching, etc.
5.22.3  Communications-Electronics System Basic Requirements:  Describe the
communications-electronics system basic requirements, such as:
a.  Radio circuit requirements, including number of circuits and
frequencies to be utilized.  Where radio transmission is involved, advise
the PDE of the transmission characteristics to determine the need for
frequency assignment from the Joint Frequency Panel, Washington, D.C.
b.  Wired circuits required, indicating those for voice, remote
control, etc.
Radio frequency bonding and grounding requirements.
Equipotential ground system including lightning protection system.
e.  Radio frequency shielding requirements and proposed type and
construction of shielding enclosure, filtering of circuits, etc.
f.  Proposed method of interconnecting wiring and cabling for
equipment with special attention to security requirements where applicable.
g.  Proposed equipment layout, including racks, consoles, patch
panels, distribution frames, etc., with special attention to security
requirements where applicable.
h.  Power and lighting requirements, including emergency or no-break
supply and proposed method of supply and distribution of special voltages
or frequencies.  Indicate demand load of electronic equipment, including
allowance for expansion, and demand and diversity factors used.
i.  Electronic equipment environmental air conditioning requirements,
including heat load of equipment.
j.  For radar installations, indicate azimuth of coverage and any
special precautions to achieve safety to personnel and to minimize
interference with other operations.
5.22.4  Telecommunications, Signal, Telemetry Systems:  Describe the type
and arrangement of telephone, signal systems, telemetry and fire alarm
systems including a statement as to number of spare conductors available.
Indicate source and connections to existing systems.  Determine current
criteria from local telephone utility company for manholes, ducts, etc.,
required for the proper design of the communication system, and furnish
copies with the 35 percent submittal.  Where applicable, include
descriptions of equipment and consoles.


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